Guide to Choose the Homecoming Dress

“I don’t know what to wear” is one of the phrases most repeated by all women, especially when you have any event or celebration especially for needing a dress elegant evening and fashion. Choose a night dress is nothing simple, but this is not a task that only experts can do it, then we can also match with evening dress perfect allowing us to look beautiful at all times.

You have to look for is the dress model that is chosen not only Berry perfectly with our personal style and body type, but that addition that also go well with the type of event to which they must attend. Besides these aspects, we women have to find is that model of dress chosen allows us to look very comfortable and sure of themselves, which must take into account each of the details you must dress.

How to choose the dress according to the shape of the body

For women who have much bust is recommended that they opt for models of dresses that have a neckline in V-shape and completely avoid dresses with bulky in this area cloth, does that the size of the bust increase and that is what you want. On the other hand, women who have little bust recommended them opt for dresses with bolados, embroidery and details in this area, in order that it can give a little more than volume. With corsett dresses are also a good idea, according to a2zdirectory.

In terms of stature, women who are of short stature have to opt for dresses in plain colors, avoid dresses with strapless. While for women who are high you can opt dresses with prints without any problem and with straight cut, since you have to find a good balance and do not attempt a more streamlined style than it already is.

Women who have hips wider and want to disguise it, recommended that you use a consistent dress. For example, Empire dresses with cut are highly recommended for women with wide sidewalk. If you have wide hips you must avoid dresses that are very tight to the body.

The dress has that you use should fit perfectly your body style. To choose the perfect you have to know some special keys, so enter a: Tips for choosing a dress and choose a fashionable dress.

Colors of dresses according to skin tone

For women who have dark or brown skin are recommended to choose a dress that allows them to achieve good contrast, although this skin tone can be good almost all colors, but the most recommended dresses are those that are in colors like white, beige, Orange, green, Fuchsia, red and yellow.

For women with intermediate skin, is tilted by dresses in colors which are very dark or very light, so it is advisable to dresses in colors like the light blue, grey, beige and pink.

In the case of women who have the clear or white skin, it is important that you manage to get a special contrast between colour of clothing and skin tone, so you definitely have to leave behind the colored. It is best that you opt for dresses in colors like gold, violet, coral, and cherry.

How to choose the neckline of the dress according to your body

Know how to choose an evening gown neckline also is very important to hit the perfect look and dazzle in the celebration that is has to go. Choose the neckline of the ideal dress is not a secret that only is reserved for the great stylists, since they are simple tips you can choose the dresses with the perfect cleavage which fits perfectly to our body, then for this you have to take into account the following.

Dresses that have pronounced necklines can be perfect for a party at night, but not for the events business, such as galas and dinners with bosses and colleagues. While dresses with slightly more reserved necklines are perfect for the family and religious events, but it is recommended for evening events or informal celebrations.

Dresses with strapless neckline: this type of cleavage is one of the most used currently. It is usually the most recommended for women who have little bust, since it has a straight style and does not have shoulder straps. It is ideal if you want to highlight the part of the neck and shoulders, since it allows to focus attention on these parts, and subtracting the volume to bust so not being noticed too exaggerated. Without any doubt it is a discreet and elegant neckline type, which has a touch of very sexy. The height has to be determinant below the birth of the bust in function at the level of each woman, since if you opt for a dress with strapless neckline very high take a bit of aesthetic.

With V-shaped neckline dresses: dresses with this type of cleavage are more sexi and somewhat daring style. It is widely used for what are very flattering to stylize the body and allow the use of any bra. They are recommended for women with breasts large and well-formed, since you can wear it to a height that allows breasts look so sexi. If you opt for a V-shaped neckline, avoid very ornate necklaces.

Dresses with round neckline: is one of the more discreet style and with a touch of warmth. If you wish to look innocent style, delicate and subtle you have to choose a dress with this type of cleavage. Dresses with round neckline allows to show the chest but without letting it completely uncovered especially the birth of the bust. It is a perfect choice for women who have low and small breasts.

Dresses with square neckline: This dress with neckline are very bright but with a more serious style. They are perfect for women who have the narrow shoulders, since they have a wide style, allowing you to get a perception to the sides.

Dresses with Halter neckline: are they which allows you to show off bare arms, arms, shoulders and back. The use of this type of cleavage is recommended for women who have little bust, if you have large bust have to avoid it.

Dresses neckline: this is one of the clips that you can use it without any problem, since it is ideal for women of any size of breasts, always to choose him in the torso and the height of the bust width.