Grundig Digital Radio Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB +

Digital radio is enjoying increasing popularity. This includes also the Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + from Grundig. Has never been so easy to select his individual favorite program from the versatile offer. For Internet radios meet the LAN or Wi-Fi at home and already the entire range can be tested, of course with the Grundig unit. Cosmopolit 8 Internet Radio WEB DAB + has searched 2 tester. Veronika and Bernd have tested the Internet radio for you.


Grundig, a name which many a warm familiar feeling created. The TV which has seen many broadcasts: Bet that…? Dalli, dalli, churning with Rudi Carrell. Thus a part of the family. Also in the biography of the author, there are some points of contact: A portable radio (Grundig C2800 automatic) with which I heard my first radio dramas and recorded my first mixtape.

Digital radio

Jump in the year 2016: I’m testing the Internet radio from the home Grundig Cosmopolit 8 called WEB DAB +. Alone the box printing you can expect quite a bit: it is advertised compatibility with a Spotify. An Internet radio, with which you can access via the “v-tuner” platform on more than 30,000 radio stations. A remote control is included. You can control the device but also for the UNDOCK-app of the Smartphone or tablet.

Because the device is also DLNA compatible, also an audio stream from your home PC or server over LAN or WiFi should be possible. The MP3 playback includes day also the ID3, so that you can read album and track names during playback.

Of course, other, widespread file formats are playable: WMA, AAC, FLAC, and the classic WAV format according to this blog. The built-in FM radio displays signal channel names with the help of the RDS. The DAB/DAB + radio offers additionally more information such as, for example, the performers and, depending on the transmitter, also the album cover.

In addition the device has also an alarm clock on board, which has two alarm times. Of course, it is to find, as is usual with radio alarm clocks with this alarm clock also a sleep / Snooze, and a NAP feature. There is also a USB port that allows a USB stick as a playback source.

Prelude: Unpacking

During the unpacking, you will notice here was not saved.

Fine finish, high-quality surfaces, the front 3mm thick, brushed aluminum, a compact remote that lies well in the hand, power supply, manual and the first surprise: the volume control is a wheel.

Site 1: Kitchen function 1: FM radio and speaker test.

Digital radios

Turn on.

How to configure.

Direct testing and comparison listening takes the radio against my previous kitchen model from another company. Sonically, the Cosmopolit 8 in the bass range is somewhat harder, what I attribute mainly to the different speaker size, since the technology ancestor sounds softer. In the middle and at the heights are both neck and neck.

Who cares the underrepresented bass, can help the device in the Equalizer on the bass jumps slightly. The reception (FM) of the Cosmopolit 8 is lengths before the comparison model.

Function 2: DAB +

After a short search the device about 40 stations, well presented.

I could easily navigate through the various levels. Yes quite logically, the channels are divided by genre.

Additional information about technical constraints and the transmitter are plentiful

Site 2: Floor, function 3: Internet radio

Wired LAN is there with me in the hallway. So to plug, configure and first check for firmware updates.

No updates? Well, then the pleasure to go Yes.

The “v-tuner” platform is yes a virtually inexhaustible sea, from which one up can dive the personal beads.

I already knew some stations (B5 plus, Bayern 3, ERF pop) and she found then relatively quickly. Other (Christian Hard Rock.Net, SWR 3) I had to find some time. The operating forces of the buttons on the device in the long term were little hard myself, but this is only my personal opinion.

Because I remembered that, Yes, a Web interface there was I at my Freecom Musicpal ancient Web radio. So I logged on to the Web interface of the radio, but then came the disappointment: there you can make only but the most minor system settings! What now?

All right, I’ll throw time my WiFi and look what is possible with the UNDOCK app. And going on: Google play store, app install and configure “Zack”, came the enlightenment. The search for the radio stations and the settings go very easy on my 6 inch tablet.

Function 4: Audio streaming from the computer and USB playback.

After I had completed the required configurations (shares) on my PC, I’ve heard my “mix tape” equal time: Adele, earth wind and fire, Daft Punk, Fanta 4, Linkin Park, P.O.D., thousand Foot Krutch, SKILLET, Third Day.

My USB-stick “SanDisk Ultra 128 GB” with the same mix of the song, the device has accepted easily. The WiFi reception was equally good in the entire House (wooden floors), until in the last corner. (ca 20 m as the crow flies to the router).

So now even time compact:

Particularly noticed:

Transmitter database leaves nothing to be desired

Amazingly good for the size of the device sound

Responsive user interface

Very elegant look (brushed aluminium front)

Tabletsteuerung (UNDOCK) is excellent

Very compact, ergonomic carrying handle


The Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + is a Swiss army knife of reception – and Streamingtechnik. But no compromise: It makes many things not only average, so that one might then wish a right tool box. The only radio that you would ever need.