Grand Slam Summer

Details for fishing from a kayak the main species of the warm season. The best places to enjoy the fight in a different way.

When we speak of species of summer, the pulse quickens. The mind get pictures of croakers, salmon, Grouper, tarariras, dorados, bogas, large paties… All species characterized by the arrival of the heat and the Sun. By activated water warm and benign, by offering adrenaline in each pique and fight without surrender. In the next few lines, some sightseeing for outlets in kayaking see our chances of tempting species favoured.

Croakers. We are at the beginning of November, and from mid-September-despite the changing climate that characterizes these so-called two months of transition-meagre deployed all its appeal, initially in the river of the silver South and then delivering excellent catches along the Atlantic coast. As we know, this fish belongs to a euryhaline species, allowing you to adapt to environments with different degrees of salinity, and which explains its presence both in the estuary and maritime coastal waters.

Kayaking is a fishing that even without the subtlety of the vogue or the power and adrenaline of el dorado, gives us a constant struggle and atop the entire column of water, by which if we use light equipment we find a ultradeportiva species which is not delivered until we have it above the boat. The average size of catches achieved in the river and the sea coast round the 2 kg, but we have had news of recent days that has been caught specimens of 4 kg.

Salmon and grouper. Both species are of high quality for the kayak, it is fish rock and highly hunters, by which can tempt them both with natural bait as with lures, jigs pirkeando here the background. I.e. make the artificial reach the rock, making it hit the bottom and back it up with a short movement. This labour power and turns on the ability of these fish to detect possible prey. Recommended equipment are rods of 30 pounds, 2 m long, multifilament and a drop in nylon from the 0.70 or fluorocarbon to make it more resistant to the friction of the stones.

Dorados. You can try it with natural bait and artificial. All the North of our country has gold in its waters: rivers oath, Bermejo, Paraná, and Uruguay, among others, can deliver us memorable trophies. A core team to use the kayak is the shank 12-20 lb with low profile reel or rotary, loaded with multifilament first, or nylon-0.40 mm (maximum) in seconds. Franco pique, necessary to determine exactly when the Dunk, since if we delay us, or anticipate, we will end up hitting the canazo in the air.