Google Renews Completely The Google’s Web Play Store

Today Google has decided to give a huge change to the interface of of Google Play, that it had remained virtually unchanged since it lost the name of Android Market to definitely stay with Google Play Store. Change is starting to go on right now, so it is possible that some users remain on the old interface.

Change is very notable, and we go from that white with the colours of the Nexus to an interface which are cards with a more intense colors. This comes in a very similar vein to Google Now cards, in one effort to more Google unify the casual style but clear of Android, with applications including shop.

Most also resembles the interface already Google Play in smartphones and tablets, but adapted to the web. Everything has changed, everything is more visiual without too much lost focus on the content, the most important thing. There is also a nod to the barar of side navigation, one of the points of design who want to be standard on applications for Android.

You may also notice that It has improved the load and speed, something to thank much. At the moment the page is in English, although I personally welcome message has left me in Portuguese, and we look forward to this new and colorful version ends up coming soon in Spanish, which is possibly in the next few hours.