Google Play: Three Deadlines for Requesting The Return of an Application and How to Do It

Google It has updated its help page to explain in detail its policy of Returns & refunds on Google Play detailing for the first time in detail the different deadlines that the user has to request the refund of an application or integrated purchase.

In total we have three periods to request a refund for a purchase, and in each of them the return is done differently. They are as follows:

Two hours after purchase

Simple and quick to return an application is doing so during the within two hours After the purchase. It is comfortably from the application Play Store > account > order history and clicking on “Refund”. We also find this option on the tab of the application or game. Only we can return one application only once, after return it back it to buy as it will not be possible to obtain a refund. During the period of two hours always automatically get our refund.

For the return of an integrated purchase or subscription we already send an application for refund online or from the order of the web version of Google Play history. Click on the menu of purchase and in ‘Report a problem’ make our return.

48 hours after purchase

If our purchase exceeds two hours already we can not refund from the application of Google Play Store will touch us to do so from the web version of Google Play, from the history of orders or online form as we have seen that there are to do with integrated shopping. Here we have 48 hours to do so, and here Google inform us your decision within a period of 15 min, but could take up to two working days. During the term of 48 hours we will normally get our refund, It is very rare that Google will not accept our return.

48 hours after purchase

If they have past 48 hours Google trying to wash their hands and inform us that we have that get in touch with the developer so this is responsible for deciding if you meet the conditions for a refund, but always we can request reimbursement directly to Google Play as in the previous term.