Google Play Store Will Receive a New Redesign to The Material Design

One of the most important novelties of Android L is the new interface Material Design. Many of the applications are rediseñarán with the new design guidelines to offer us more Visual with the next version of Android applications, although many of these redesigns largely also come to previous versions of Android.

The current version of Google + Android already presents an interface to the Material Design with your new bar action and new navigation bar, and soon looks like that the same will happen with Google Play Store.

The guys at Android Police report with screenshots that Play Store application redesign for the majority of users provide a user interface to the Material Design, but without the new toolbar actions and new animations and transitions, which you can only enjoy with Android.

The new interface of Google Play Store It will be an evolution of the previous one, with small organization and redesign of the elements, and adding the application home page with pictures or videos of applications, games, movies and cia, together to a new view in horizontal.

In the past Google I/O 2014 devoted a session to show a preview of the redesign of Google Google Play with Material Design, in which we can see as it will be the Organization and design of many of its sections along with their new transitions that will make the application much more visual.