Google Play Store Is Upgraded to Version 4.4 with a Side Menu, Still in Development

Failing that submit Android 4.4 (KitKat) imminently, and while dates rumored ranging this same Friday 18th to the 28th, is another Google service that appears with this version. It is of Google Play 4.4 Store, It’s coming with a reorganization in the other services similar to the vista application.

At the moment it is not official nor final, but the .apk has been leaked and have released the first screenshots from the hand of the boys of Android Police, who teach which can be an intermediate step in an application even more based on the concept of cards Working Google for some time, with the standard sidebar in Google services.

Meanwhile, the application teaches the sidebar, which regroup different options before we saw stacked on the options button. This will keep the options settings and help, while in the new sidebar we will see moved options such as my application, wishlist and redeem.

Will include also within each section, such as books or music, a tab on the navigation bar in addition to a new button home and what looks like a drop-down selection of account Headlining the list.

As mentioned from AP and them them explains its source, this is no more than an intermediate step towards that interface more tarjetera and renewed Google. The idea is that this version 4.4 of Google Play Store to our devices, who knows, with Android 4.4?