Google Play Store Comes to Version 4.3.10 with Several Improvements

Little by little Google Play It improves in order to satisfy the continuous requests of users in regards to functionality. Just a new version of the app store from Google that offers some small improvements in stability and new features, although they are not excessively disruptive filter

On the one hand we have the list of applications in the phone. When updating an application directly passed to the list of installed applications, making it difficult to know what is just update. now there is a section with the applications that we have just updated, it will remind them us where we want to try them.

Before all the applications that get updated gave a notice each one, which is a nuisance when we have hundreds of applications in our terminal. Now all included in a single notice, which may help a lot of people to not feel overwhelmed by the amount of notifications when updated.

Apart from that, we will find common improvements in stability and a notice to download the application of Google Play Games where we download a game that has the system. Version will be distributed during the next few days to all users, but if you are very impatient, you can always download this version, always under your own account and risk.