Google Play Store Already Has a List of Wishes

Last update to version 3.9.16 Google Play had another novelty that has not been activated until today, and is expected the wish list. Now we can add those applications, games, books and movies that we want to buy that list so we don’t acquire them later.

If now we see something that we like in Google Play Store But what we cannot buy or download at that time only have to click on the new icon of a marker that is added to My wish list. In the new list, accessible from the menu, to see both the content of how free payment that we like and still not have never downloaded.

The new list will prevent that we forget to download that content that we liked So basically the list means really a list of things to download. Purchased, downloaded applications or that they have been ever downloaded already can not be added to the wish list, already will go to the listing of all, where in the latest version we can delete from this list which we have not liked.

At the moment the list of desires is only available from the official Google Play for Android app, It is not yet enabled for the web page of the shop but it should not take much to be available.