Google Play Gives €5 of Balance in The New Accounts Wallet and €20 for The Nexus 7 Buyers

There are still many people who still have not purchased applications for Android because they are reluctant in Add your credit card and in Spain, while we wait for arriving cards gift, the only way to buy on Google Play is having an account in Google Wallet. For this reason, and to encourage the purchase of content, Google is giving away promotional balance in Google Play.

They are two promotions. The first is for users that still they do not have Google Wallet account and creates a new storing therein a credit or debit card. These users may receive a promotional balance of 5 euros to be spent on any content that currently offers Google Play.

The second promotion of free balance is that we already know, when you purchase the Nexus 7. Users who purchase the Google tablet before September 30, 2012 they will receive the famous 20 euros of balance Google play. So just have to identify us from the Nexus 7 until end date limit with our Google account Google Play and have or create a Google Wallet account with an associated card. If we create it then only we will receive 20 euros.

Once we receive the promotional balance we have until 30 September 2013 to spend it, Once that date expire and will be removed from our account.