Google Play Already Gives More Benefits in Spain That The App Store of Apple to The Most Popular Applications

For a good time Spain is the bastion of Android in Europe, where dominates with an overwhelming advantage to having more than 90% of market share. However, although Android always have that position of dominance, not only in Spain but in several other countries, so far they have been versions of iOS which generated more revenue to developers.

Being one of the best reasons to prioritize iOS to Android, we have always heard the same thing, but according to a study by Distimo, this might not be so in Spain. The income of some of the most successful applications have been analyzed in the last six months and it has been found that, at least in Spain, Android generates more profit from the App Store to large applications.

To make the poll will have collected data from applications such as the Simpsons: Springfield, Angry Birds Go! or Line and it has come to this conclusion. Still, it is not an advantage according to market share, Android revenue percentages do not exceed 65%, but it declared it the best platform to develop and obtain benefits by focusing on our country.

This is an almost unique case in the world. Taking as an example Angry Birds Go, Android generates more revenue than iOS only in Spain and in South Korea. It is still early to say that it will be so for a long time, but he makes it clear that Android every day is more interesting for developers.