Google Not Has Been Giving The Advertised € 5 by Making a New Wallet Account

More than one month ago, Google launched a promotion to attract new users to create an account’s Wallet, giving 5€ to those who created it in the month of September, additionally coupling with the € 20 to someone with a Nexus 7. However, it seems that those five promised euros left in water of Borage.

We have been receiving mail from several readers with the same problem, without receiving the promised balance, one of them even to contact with the team of Google Wallet in Spain, which replied with this message.

Hello XXX,

Thank you for contacting us. The promotion on which we consulted was launched in test mode. As specified in the conditions concerning the promotional balance of Google Play, opening a Google Wallet account does not guarantee automatically that user receives 5 euros in the form of Google Play credits.

In this respect, the conditions of the service reported to the user of the possibility of receiving that promotion (“ can receive ”), although it did not confirm it.

Sometimes, Google launches promotions to test that may not materialize. Apologise for any inconvenience that the announcement of this promotion may have caused you, however,.

Do not hesitate to return to contact us if you have further questions about Google Wallet.

Kind regards,

The team of Google Wallet

Even if you can excuse the factor to “ can receive ” in the terms of the promotion, which was announced with fanfare to get new new accounts of Wallet, It should not be the mere possibility. It is a promotion in which Google has made special emphasis and cannot fall as well in water of Borage.

Attitudes like this should not be so, and the least is require Google promised and not make excuses with this promotion was a simple test. Legally, if they have promoted it as such without saying “ can ” in advertising sent by them, it is binding, and could even be made a class-action lawsuit led by a consumer association.