Google Gets Seriously and Rejects Applications with The “Flappy” Word in The Name

Like it or not, the game Flappy Bird It has had a much larger effect of which many hoped, being one of the most popular games even after they retire the Google Play game. Have emerged dozens of games adapted and clones to taking advantage of that people want games to replace the original, but will be rather more difficult to scratch downloads.

And is that you common sense tells you that if you’re doing a tribute to the game you put something with Flappy o Bird in the title, but Google does him nothing of grace. During the last hours, many developers have been rising their own reinventions of the game and constantly they have been rejecting them claiming the title of the game.

Obviously it is not the word Bird, but by Flappy why dozens of developers have seen how their games were automatically rejected by take advantage too of the name of the original game. Ironically these games have had a noticeable amount of downloads in the short time that have been available to disposal.

The developers have already contacted Google, although it is difficult to make a statement in this regard. With all this, it seems that if you want to pay tribute to a game that has shaken the world of casual game, the latter will be sure to not have Flappy in the name, the first thing obviously is to be a minimum quality.