Google Confirms That You Want to Take All The Content of Google Play a More Countries

When launched Google Play many were hoping that we could reach wing buying movies, ebooks and music that offers Google in our country and which at the time was only available in the United States, Canada and a couple of countries more. However, we realized with our joy in a well, even if you change to a more unified policy of services not wanting to say that the purchase of multimedia content would be for all.

Google complaints have been few, and quite rightly, and have come to inundate publications page of Google Play in Google Plus, overflowing to the managers of the page. After many complain have confirmed what many had expected: they are trying to reach more countries and they are in constant negotiations with content managers to offer content in all countries.

At least we know that music, films and books will end up coming to Google Play Spain and the rest of the world, although as always, have not given details of dates. As informative, in Spain will have many difficulties to achieve an agreement since royalties asking for the content management systems are higher than in States nests, even reaching four times the price of what it costs on the other side of the Atlantic.