Golden Tips to Make Success Using Longline T-shirt

I think everyone here knows what longline is, but it’s hard to clarify. Longline is a type of shirt that has a distinct cut.It has elongated length and is super high.In various colors.With prints.With asymmetric bar, curved or straight.The market is full of options and we are here to help you use them.


Although they are easy to find, not every man knows how to buy one.I can state this categorically.There are people who confuse with a larger piece or larger numbers.Yes, it will be longer because you bought 2 or 3 larger numbers, but the trim is not good.

You should pay attention to the encounter between the sleeve of the shirt and the chest of the garment.The seam line can not be far below or too high above the shoulder.

In reality this rule is the rule of thumb for the use of any piece.Only in the long you show if the size is correct by the sleeve, never by the length of the shirt.


You do not have to be a fashion expert to know which parts interact with each other.In color, size, symmetry.

The longline shirt, par excellence, is wider and stripped.Soon, we reached the balance putting fair pieces, with slim or lean design.Avoid two pieces longs or one piece over at the bottom.Since this creates an air of sloppiness.


The coolest of the longline is its distinctive top length.But often make an overlay leaves that dry and annoying outfit much more cool, differentiated.

You can throw a sweatshirt in a matching color or a jacket that will give our life to the make-up all.Playing with colors, mixing patterns and mixing patterns gives our life to the pieces that make up the final result.


For me this is obvious, but not everyone understands this. According to naturegnosis, t-shirt in a general way is casual, walking and does not talk with special occasions, dances, weddings or places that require a more formal attire.


Basic assumption in the purchase of any parts: the measures.In this case attention is doubled to the length.If it is he who is at stake, then the piece can not be too short, otherwise it will become normal shirt, not very long or else it would dress.

Did you help or not?Hope so.We want to see everyone doing well in the street.Delayed?