Gold Glitter Bronze Makeup

The colors ranging from gold to bronze are perfect to emphasize the summer tan. Discover what products to use to sublimate your complexion.

Gold Glitter Bronze Makeup

The make-up gold-bronze is one of the most loved in the summer season. It is particularly versatile shades, suitable for all types of skin and eyes, perfect to sublimate your tan.

Let’s see what are the steps to create a full makeup.


With just a short exposure to the sun to have a complexion immediately more colorful and bright golden color. E ‘preferable therefore not hide the skin with the classic foundation fluids but choose lighter products such as bareMinerals Tinted Rescue Complexion Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30, a creamy moisturizing gel and light smoothing effect. For those who prefer even lighter texture you can opt for powder foundation like Chanel Vitalumiere Mineral Foundation. If you do not have special camouflage imperfections you can forget about the foundation through immediately to the ground and blush.

The new generation lands also play the function of powder and in addition to establishing the makeup help minimize imperfections such as fine lines and large pores. An example is the sunny land of Guerlain Terracotta Teint Jolie, also be used to heat your face like a blush.Alternatively you can use a ground powder, perfect also to be recorded as eyeshadow, for example, the Delhi NeveCosmetics.

For a finish to solar effect can stake out a bit ‘of eyeshadow bronze cheekbones to make them brighter.


Passing the eyes is good to prepare the eyelid with a good primer that helps to fix the pigments maintaining eye shadow as just applied throughout the day. You can use products such as Primer Eyes Fixer Long Term Collistar the action smoothing or a primer suitable to his lips as the Primer Eyes-Lips Wjcon.

And now the most interesting part, namely eye shadows! You can choose to mix gold and bronze pigments to achieve a smokey eyes Mediterranean, surrounding the eye with a glossy black kohl to make it look deeper. For example, you can use mineral eyeshadows to NeveCosmetics choosing whether to apply them to dry for a softer effect, or from wet to bringing out the metallic pigments. For this kind of makeup are perfect colorationsVersailles (Billante gold), Mirror (ivory with gold highlights) and Videogame (a mix of brown, pink, purple and bronze).
If you prefer soft texture you can use eye shadow in cream-mousse how Dusty Cushion Wjcon (perfect in shades 03 pearly bronze and 05 copper-plated bronze pearl)
for a quick and a golden and bright eyelid makeup you choose to use a pencil, for example, the Collistar Twist Eyeshadow Ultrabrillant and 106 bronze.

Whatever your choice of eyeshadow remember to outline the eye with kohl a nice deep black. The texture should be soft and long-lasting formula: you can use for example the pencil Perfect Eyes Too Faced in coloration Perfect Black .

Finally it is essential to abound with mascara. Choose it if plumping your lashes are sparse and short, like Lash Domination of bareMinerals, stretching and curling if you prefer a neat effect to “fan”, as the new Hypnôse Volume-to-wear Lancome.


On the lips apply a plumping gloss, like Glox Lip Lip Maximizer Dior, or a shade drawn in if you are tanned. You can choose a gloss with sunscreen as those of Collistar available with filter SPF 10 or SPF 15.
For a more intense look instead choose vitamin colors like those of lipsticks Art Design of Collistar.