Glossary of the Fisherman

Both in professional fishing, as an amateur, is used a number of terms and slang that not everyone knows what it means. For you don’t do ugly time of fishing, we have prepared this post with 37 of them so you stay on top of how other fishermen communicate in time for sport!
Fisherman terms related to tools and equipment
Start up – the line tied to the front of the main line, usually with greater strength and diameter.
GPS – Global Position System, an acronym in English referred to the famous electronic device used to facilitate the transport and navigation.
Grub-worm-shaped artificial Bait, soft and flexible, usually made of silicone or rubber.
Hackle-Pen used for the Assembly of flies.
Needle knot – A node type used by fishermen to arrest the leader, the fly line.
Polarized Sunglasses-equipment produced with lenses with special treatment to cut the reflection of the water.>
Vise-the walrus used in assembling the fly baits
Yard – a measure of length equal to 0.9144 meters.
John-cucumber -Nickname given by a <strong>fisherman</strong> the imported bait: jumpin ´ minnow, “Queen on Peacock bass fishing”
Expressions of fishing culture
Argolado-refers to the strong fisherman strong that ends the bait fishing without any fish. It’s like saying that the fisherman’s cobbler.
White pants – An amateur fisherman, beginner, with little or no practice.
Baixamar-the minimum level of the ebb tide.
Iscólatra-The <strong>fisherman</strong> he’s addicted to artificial lures.
Zóio of lula – When a partner throws the bait on top of your, enjoying the action of the fish.
Up-Slang used to indicate when the fisherman insist until the fish appear.

Words related to fish species

Worm-A small fish.
Bluefin trevally-marine species very coveted by fishermen.
Carnivore – fish that feeds off the flesh of other species, such as snakes, frogs and other fishes. Here at CalabasasShopping you can get more fishing skills.
Terms related to movements
Beat sweet-in Rio Grande do Norte, is a slang term meaning that the fisherman didn’t capture any fish.
Knocked on the door – When the sport throws the bait close to where the fish are.
Ruffled-When the fisherman got scared or didn’t want to fish.
Hitting bait – when it launches us fishing lures.
Out Shoemaker – the same as beating cute, i.e. out of fishing without a fish
Pocketed – meeting of the strong fisherman strong with the fish in the passaguá (sieve)
Supercharge – Modify the bait for the better.
Upstream – the fishing which is carried up the river.
Blow – When the fish hits with the bait on the surface of the water.
Hair – When the fisherman loose the line around the spool.
This glossary of strong fisherman will help you better understand (and to use) the fishery here in Brazil verbiage. What do you think of these words? Some you hadn’t met? Or, do you have any that you know that is not on the list? Interact with us by leaving a comment and help us enrich this glossary!