Giro Aeon – Bicycle Helmet

This summer I took a bike ride with some friends. One of the top rules: Everyone has a helmet. Since I was in the last few years rather seldom or not at all with the bike, I always synonymous with the head protector. Now I had to finally take a look. Only what?!

The Search For The Bike Helmet

Since a bicycle helmet is important safety equipment, I did not want to go to the next Aldi and buy a helmet of any kind. The helmet should above all be safe, comfortable and very light. After I have several shops and reviews durchforstet, a lot of my choice finally on the Aeon of Giro. With scarce 220 € certainly no bargain. But security is the point.

Comfort At The Giro Aeon

I have a very unfavorable head shape for most bike helmets. The Aeon, however, allowed himself to be adjusted well, and afterwards sat tailor-made. No wobbling, no unpleasant pressure and a secure seat have convinced me right from the first ride. I have to say that this was my first high-priced bicycle helmet and I was used to getting worse from cheap models from my childhood.

The low weight of only 226g with size L ensures after a short time that the helmet on the head is completely forgotten. Even with short stopovers at the edge of the road, I forgot to take off the helmet, because I was not aware that I was carrying one. At this point I was already very impressed.

The Design

In the design, as always, the spirits separate. When I see the helmet in front of me, the design appeals to me. It’s sporty, maybe even a little futuristic. However, as soon as I put the helmet on and look into the game, I feel as with all other helmets and my thoughts form a very specific word: mushroom head.

I’m not very vain, so I do not mind driving a mushroom through the area. Nevertheless, I believe that I simply have no helmet face/head.

The large and numerous openings were supposedly optimized in the wind tunnel to achieve excellent ventilation with the lowest possible air resistance. Whether this is true I can not say unfortunately. But what is true is the fact that even on the hottest days of the last year I had no overheating. The opposite was the case. The design of the helmet has ensured that the head remains cool. The ventilation with and without the driver’s winds works very well and the helmet protects perfectly against the sunshine on the head.

My Conclusion To The Giro Aeon

Weight in Size L: 226g (reweighted)

Additional set of helmet pads included.

Generous ventilation for the head

Comfortable seat

I would highly recommend the Giro Aeon selling on TECHNOLOGY-WIKI. As the first high-priced bicycle helmet he had me first of the socks hewn, but appeared to me also with the everyday cycling quite handy. If you do not have to pay attention to the small money, you can safely go to the bike store of your trust and try on the helmet or  buy online at the mountain friends.

I got this product free of charge from for a test. This fact, however, does not affect the test. All tests and product presentations on this outdoor blog are written to the best of our knowledge.