Gigaset SL400A

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”- this wisdom should now also apply to men. At least if it’s the brand new classy phone Gigaset SL400A. The luxury-DECT bore the code name “Diamond” in the development process and should inspire femininity with external stimuli and the men with blazing technique after the common clichés. Or vice versa.

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The luxury design – marks what finally shows at the price of around 170 euros as at car manufacturer Mercedes DECT manufacturer Gigaset communications, which emerged from the former Siemens telephone Division, the SL in the product name. For that the buyer gets offered a lot already in touch: the frame of the phone is made of solid metal, even the keys are galvanized and thus metallic. This gives the handset a noble touch not only, but also a significant weight of 116 grams.

Gigaset SL400A: Quality at a high level

The experts are now wondering how the handset makes contact with the base, because metal shields is well known that radio waves. For the solution to this problem, Gigaset has invested much engineering and developed a dual band antenna – the device uses the metal frame so as an antenna. Not only for DECT, but also for the short-range wireless Bluetooth, which connects the handset to headset or PC address book synchronization; but later more.

Even the keyboard is made with great effort: because the backlight should be absolutely uniform, the usual LEDs were eliminated. Instead it was decided in the development labs in Munich to create a foil under the handle. The individual keys are inserted into the body by the way so accurately and working with one such precise pressure point, as we have seen this with any DECT cordless telephone. This is quality at a very high level.

Anyone who now thinks that the keys were also evaporated when the mobile unit in miniature format with just 12 cm length, 4.5 cm wide and not even two centimeters deep, mistaken. The keys are even larger than most competitors with significantly üppigerem housing. The same also applies to the display. Thus succeeded Gigaset SL400A almost squaring the circle: we’ve waited long for a small enclosure without compromising keyboard and display – it.

Gigaset SL400A: Bluetooth and USB

Only people who like to pinch the phone between head and shoulder, have problems. But for hands-free chatting, there are also still an excellent full-duplex speakerphone, as well as the possibility to connect a wired headset Yes in addition to mentioned Bluetooth interface. But, this requires an adapter that must be purchased to Gigaset and converts the USB interface on the bottom in a 2.5 mm jack.

Mentioned USB socket has yet another purpose: about it, you can connect the handset using the USB cable with the PC. And who managed his contacts in Outlook, can use the QuickSync software downloadable free at Gigaset its complete contact information in the phone book of the mobile unit beam – the annoying tip messy during initial Setup accounts for this.

But via USB port and the software even more, as the SL400A is updateable. Gigaset can teach via firmware update so the device new functions. It is so far, the software informs the customers. Connecting the device via USB cable to the computer and with a mouse click starts the update – ready.

Also, you can load custom ringtones to the handset with cable and software; the own MP3 files are used as a source. You can define also caller images in the handset. Whoever saves a picture of Uncle Fritz, sees in the future in the ring, that it calls.

The handset is a shared memory available for sound and image files – which is already well filled with the 23 ring tones and many background images from extradition. You can delete unused ringtones and wallpapers but, thereby creating more space. Soon Gigaset wants to offer the own ringtones and wallpapers available for download – so the customer can install later the original sounds and images.

Gigaset SL400A: Comprehensive address book

Special class are also apparent commonplaces like the phone book: offers all Outlook-like different fields for first name and last name for private, business, and mobile phone numbers, email address, birthday and an own assignable ringing tone as well as a background image per contact. This is of course much clearer, as if for a person three entries (private, Office, mobile) must be created.

Gigaset SL400A: Answering machine in the handset

Charging cradle and base station are separated at the Gigaset SL400A. Since the latter except for the paging button to locate the handset offers no features, you can hide the black technology box safely in the hallway or behind the Cabinet, prominent place visually appealing charger, however.

The answering machine is operated exclusively by handset – but that is no problem thanks to the perfect menu control after a short acclimatization. The call collector sounds neat and keeps track of messages in the highest adjustable quality level about 15 minutes. Who is satisfied with lower quality, can drive up the capacity to 45 minutes. Features such as two different announcements or remote access are in the price range.

Gigaset SL400A: radiation reduction to measure

Technologies to minimize power consumption and radiation are of course Gigaset already for several generations. So satisfied the SL400A in the connect use mix (store, phone, standby) with two Watts. On top of that, it plays the complete currently available keyboard of radiation reduction techniques.

To set the dynamic regulation of the transmission power in the menu, the handset reduces its wireless performance if you stay while chatting in a radius of several metres around the base. The permanent reduction of the transmitting power of the base, however, reduces the strength of the base radio in standby mode as well as in the operation by about 70 percent – range decreases obviously also; for most of the apartments it is enough but still.

The full eco mode is also selectable and can be combined with the reduction of transmission performance: it prevents the continuous spark of based in stand by mode – what is the battery life of the mobile part however diverting. That just like the extensive acoustics measurements, as always by our own publishing laboratory Testfactory identified: In stand-by mode with full eco mode the Gigaset SL400A around nine days lasted just five days, at the full eco mode. The talk time will be enough also the worst Chatterboxes more than 16 hours. Praise is also available for balanced sound both transmit and receive direction.

Conclusion: expensive, but good

A bargain is not the Gigaset SL400A with around 170 euros – for this is true the old adage “Quality has its price” here in the black. Production, design, haptics, technology and processing are unparalleled and lift the “diamonds” to an unprecedented level – hence the Gigaset SL400A results confidently the connect leaderboard.

Data sheet

Type of connection / caller ID analog /.
Display: Max digits of phone number 32
Number ringtones handset / base 23 /.
Paging (handset search) / key lock /
Lighting display / keyboard /
Speakerphone on the handset / baby phone / headset connection / /
Bluetooth pairing with headset / PC / mobile / /
Firmware update possible / Outlook sync. with PC /
CAT-iq (vb) system
DECT encryption / senior-friendly / outdoor-ready / /
Caller list: memories / visual signalling 20 /.
Memory phonebook / phone numbers per contact 500 / 3
Phone book: Name, first name separately / characters per name / 16
VIP ring tone / picture CLIP /
Power supply & radiation
Battery type / standard batteries LiIon /.
Charging station separately from base station
Total system power consumption (mix) (watt) 1.8
Radiation reduction: Fully eco-fashion / eco mode /
Transmitting power of based on manually drosselbar
dynamic power of the handset
If color display: the number of colours / resolution (pixels) 65536 / 128 x 160
SMS / text input help /
Email client / RSS feeds /
Data retention when power failure / remote access /
Keyboard / display base /
Announcement / recording length messages 1:40 / 45:00
Operating time standby / …mit full eco mode (hh: mm) / (hh: mm) 9T 9:36:00 / 4T 20:41:00
Operating time conversation (hh: mm) 14:33:00
TMOS reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT) 3.5 / 4.2
Frequency response reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT) 6 / 7
Receiving loudness rating / sending loudness rating (dB / dB) 0.6 / 5.4
Overall delay receiving direction / direction (ms / ms) 17.6 / 15.5
Idle channel noise receive / send (dBPa(A) / dBm0(P)) -68.6 / – 63.8
3QUEST – background noise Office direction (PKT) 4.5
TMOS reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT) 1.7 / 3.7
Frequency response reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT) 3 / 5
Receiving loudness rating / sending loudness rating) (dB / dB) 7.4 / 3.1
Overall delay receiving direction / direction (ms / ms) 18.5 / 40.3
Activation threshold in direction (dB) 71
3QUEST – background noise Office direction (PKT) 4.5


ENDURANCE 50 good (41)
Standby time / talk 25 / 25 25 / 16
EQUIPMENT up 175 very good (158)
Basic functions 55 55
Comfort features 50 49
Phone number management 35 31
Power supply & radiation 20 15
Multimedia and messaging 10 7
Special functions 5 1
HANDLING maximum 175 very good (150)
Menu / keyboard 70 / 20 61 / 18
Display / handling 25 / 25 15 / 25
Workmanship / operating instructions 20 / 10 20 / 8
Dimensions & weight 5 3
SOUND MAX 100 good (78)
Laboratory phone handset on the head received / send 40 / 30 33 / 25
Laboratory phone handset speakerphone received / send 15 / 15 10 / 10
CONNECT judgment Max 500 points 427 very good
tested in issue: 08 / 11