Gifting Makes You Happy

Making the gift happy, is even scientifically proven.In the meantime, many studies have already focused on the question of how to make a happy life.We do not need all of these studies. After all, we know how this feeling can be felt.On the other hand, what we often need more urgently is a guide, which shows us the way to a suitable gift.But, I am quite sure, the ultimate guide to it, there will not be.At the same time also somehow reassuring to know.For who wants to be so transparent or can only be forced into certain patterns?So I at least not.And certainly not.

1. How to find the right gift

It helps a lot if you have a few clues that make the way to the perfect gift much easier.For this you can create a small checklist.And my tip: be careful all the year to small remarks or wishes expressed by the recipient.Make a note if he or she is enthusiastic about a book or a jeweler in front of a beautiful chain.During the summer vacation, he had enthusiastically told about a clock that struck him as he strolled across the beach promenade on a billboard?And has she admired for months the clothes of a certain brand that this actress always carries on the red carpet?Listen carefully and make a note of every possible gift.Sometimes the recipient does not even know that he had mentioned this time.And the joy of this surprise gift is then all the greater.And by the way, it is hailing for you how good you can listen.

However, wishes are not always expressed so explicitly.The best friend complains that her silver jewelery is constantly running and she always has to search for a half eternity before she finds her jewelry .Now it is logical to combine and give her, for example, a jewelry storage.A jewelery box protects from dust and secures all the favorite pieces in one place.And these are just a few examples.You can also ask the following questions:

  • What do you like?
  • Does he have favorite marks or favorite products?
  • What music do you like listening to?
  • Does he like to do something, like going to concerts or traveling?
  • Do they collect something, for example jewelry, accessories or perfume?

You can of course extend this list individually.And maybe you’ve got some clues about what you could give.In addition, I now give you some tips, which you could give very specific people.

2. Gifts for you

With us women, the range of possible gifts seems seemingly endless.And at the same time so hard.Because we women are very critical and an unconscious gift can be in the best case simply with a smile be nodded.In the worst case, however, it is a complete misapprehension and may be quite different from what was originally planned.So always listen carefully to what she is saying and what her thoughts are about.

Gifts for the wife

Is there a woman who does not like jewelry?This is especially true for the wife, fiance or girlfriend.Sure, the engagement or herring will always be regarded as a jewel of the very best kind.He does not want to dispute him.But the golden ring is also looking forward to a gold necklace or a few new hoops with small gemstones that fit perfectly with the new dress that she has bought for New Year’s Eve.

Gifts for the mother

The woman who made us what we are.It has shaped us like no other.And the only one who can still treat us like a small child now and then.For example, by baking our favorite biscuits and sending them to Nikolaus by post.Our mother is the best and has earned only the best.Let us show her how much we love her and the same word.She has a chain that she always wears?And you’re not sure if a new chain would please her anyway?Then a chain hanger is offered, not just any, but a pendant with engraving.What you engrave is left to you.But for wet eyes it will surely care for her.And even if she does not like jewelry, there is something.How about a new handbag in her favorite color or a cloth that protects her from autumn to spring at cool temperatures?

Gifts for the best friend

What would we do without her, our best friend?She also goes to the phone late at night, when we have love trouble and takes us with all the quirks we have.And when it gets too much, it brings us back to the bottom of the facts.Since we have such a happiness with her, she is also to receive a large portion of happiness.Gives some luck in the form of charms and beads on beggar bracelets.Begins with lucky symbols or extends them individually, for example with symbols of their favorite city.And best of all, from now on, you can give yourselves on many occasions a further portion of happiness in the form of small charms.Beautiful or?

3. Gifts for Him

Yes, even women do not always have the right gift for him to find.What does he want, why does not he just get out with the language.And giving nothing is kinda silly.Therefore, a few hints on which gifts the most important men could look forward to in your life.

Gifts for the man

Actually, you said you did not give anything.But thanks to his eye-catching questions and the more than suspicious bookmarks on shopping portals in the browser, you have noticed how the bunny is running.Of course you do not mind.And secretly, you had already planned a present for him anyway.Just what exactly?Do you still have the gift for your mother in your head?The gift for your man can look very similar.A chain trailer or key hanger with special engraving, for example with your annual date.Or the sunglasses that he can wear in both ski and beach holidays.

Gifts for the father

Fathers are always there for us, are not as fast as our mothers, and help us to keep a cool head even when we are close to take off.They do not wear much jewelry, if at all.This makes the search for the perfect gift for us naturally not less complicated.So we think like him:practical.And give him a new leather belt with a robust metal buckle.Or a little more festive and invest in the noble cufflinks, which he would never afford to himself.

Gifts for the best buddy

For him the gift should have been found very quickly.Or not?You do not often make gifts, your friendship alone is already the best gift you can imagine.However, you have been friends for so long and Christmas is coming, the right time to give it to you.You think all this while you wait for him, because he’s late again?Now, what is more obvious than giving him a reasonable watch?You just have to find out whether he would rather have a chronograph with many useful functions or rather a very simple analog clock.And, of course, she should also accompany all your adventures together, that goes without saying.

I hope I could give you some suggestions for the next gift sale.Was something for you?What do you give this year at Christmas?