Gift Ideas And For Gentleman: Bags For Men By UNDSCVRD

In fashion by to talk correctly or incorrectly is difficult, finally the tastes are different as we know. Nevertheless, there are some recognized fashion sins for men. This includes, that you leave the backpack at home is not just a bike Messenger or lingers on trekking holidays in Norway. To act serious, stylish and manly, one should wear depending on the type and job instead suitcase, briefcase or Messenger bag. Gift idea for gentlemen we recommend therefore bags by UNDSCVRD.

Accessory bag

Who carries books, files or a notebook with him in the study or job, is dependent on a bag. This is however not just a commodity, but also always accessory. When it hits the wrong choice, it’s fast at the expense of the overall appearance.

Wants you not considered hipster, the bag should be high quality and be more classical instead of too flashy. But, that doesn’t mean that the bag may be not too stylish. Therefore, we recommend bags of UNDSCVRD as a gift idea for men. There’s a huge selection of high-quality, elegant, sporty and even stylish bags: from the Briefcase of Weekenders and shoulder bag to tote bags and iPad cases. And who is still a backpack searches (because these can be admittedly sometimes really handy), will be at UNDSCVRD also from this species of bags stylish copies. If it contributes no suit can be also a grown man look with this rear bags, without therefore as a piece or fashion Banause.

Gentlemanblog is giving away 5 bags by UNDSCRVD

On the Facebook page of the gentleman blog we are giving away the bag shown in the title picture Erik Sandqvist amounting to 155 euros, as well as four iPad cases amounting to 34 euros each, the UNDSCRVD heritage iPad sleeve provides us. To join simply Facebook post share on this post, like or comment on. We’ll post also the winner in the 18.12.12 via Facebook. The legal action is always excluded. Good luck and Merry Christmas!