Getting the Right Hat For Your Head and Style Find

This accessory has a weird effect on your whole occurrence:

A hat looks cool, can conjure up a whole look, underline your personality or make you a lady. In addition, a hat protects against wind and rain.

But which is the right one and how to find it?

1. tune the style for your body type.

The first rule of hat shopping: the hat should fit proportionally to your body. He should rather compensate your dimensions when you overdo it.

Idealerwesie completes the Crown of the hat the shape of your face. To a round face like my rather high Crown fit to compensate for it. You can choose several different forms such as the Fedora or Trilby to an oval.
High crowns and brims turned upwards to lengthen the face.

Wide and downwards sloping brims can make you appear smaller. The brim of a hat should not be wider than your shoulders. The bigger you are, you can wear the more hat.

2. the right color for your skin type.

Choose a color, you know, that she are available and flatters.
Black is certainly always, but often is very hard to pale complexion.

Dark grey, Brown, blue or red are more suitable. With a colored ribbon, you can use accents. A dunkleblaues Grosgrain Ribbon classic looks as a rustic leather strap. On most hats, you can interchange them and change the look as well.

3. your hairstyle and the right hat.

Think about your hairstyle.
Many hats look best if long hair is taken back and stuck it behind the ears. If you want to wear your hair but openly, this is another factor, if you make a decision.

Loose and flowing hair:

Fedoras, now, melons

Short hairstyles:

Melons, rolled brims, now wide-brimmed, some pillbox styles.

Shoulder-length hair:

Now, wide Krempem of any kind, Fedoras, pillbox styles, straw hats, melons.


Brims upward or drawn down further, how about a hat with a wide brim.

If one wears glasses, make sure that the hat brim too deep seated in the face, otherwise it acts to crushed. Well, you can watch this in my pictures. And with little hats, I look like a clown, therefore gibts any pictures of them.

4. your personality and the style of the hat.

We connect people with hats. The classic Feodora of the Borsalino House was the hallmark of Humphrey Bogart. The happy melon were to imagine Chaplin at Charly as too thick and stupid not. Queen Mum never goes without their decorative Pillboxhüte from the Palace.

Today, the trilby is a very hip, cool model.
He is a small man hat that is too many women, and the trick is just to wear it not wool jacket and winter coat, but jeans and leather jackets. He owes his comeback no one less than the world stars Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. In summer it carries him from straw to the Festival or at the beach.

A Fedora exudes adventure, coolness and timeless elegance.
The winter coat elegant “now” or just this Fedora’s fit better, having the elongated angle on his head.

Want naughty come the so-called pork pie is well suited.
This is a round hat with a very flat hat Crown and narrow brim. It is worn the likes of Brad Pitt, and in the jazz scene. Perfect for narrow and oval faces! Also to a sharp Chin, he looks good. A real eye-catcher is he by the way with short hair!

If you buy a hat, an outfit that is typical for your style carry you. Or, if you buy a hat for a special occasion, then you take the clothes, you are going to wear.

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P.S. Gentlemen, remember to put your hat inside. Ladies, you can usually wear your hat anywhere you like, but take it off at public events where you might block someone else’s view (in addition to the obvious exceptions, such as the racetrack).