Garter as a Sexy Lingerie

Long have ceased to fulfil the role for which were created and went on to become the delicacy and sensuality of women and their clothing-related parts.

The purpose of the League was, at first, simply hold the means of those who wore them (both
men and women) since even did not know elastic and socks fell very easily. The leagues are in fact bands of fabric that conform to the leg. They were incredibly popular among the decades of the ‘ 30 and ‘ 40, since many women took advantage of the opportunity to engage in their leagues some small element of value to protect it from the view of others, or simply to avoid the use of a handbag.

The garter also fulfilled the same function, the hold delicate nylon stockings, and did so through a system of hooks of metal and rubber that hung from elastics. The latter were
placed on a piece of fabric that was placed around the waist of the Lady, as a piece of lingerie more.

Today, both leagues and garter play a different role.

The leagues

The leagues have greatly improved their appearance and have gone from a purely practical purpose to be parts reserved for special occasions. One of those times, and perhaps the most popular is the bring it under bride costume.

It is a tradition in many parts of the world, that the bride carry a small League (although in some places may be more than one), usually embroidered or adorned with Rhinestones, ribbons and monkeys. After the ceremony and already in the later celebration, the boyfriend removed League leg of his new wife to launch it to single men from the party. We could say that you it’s the male version of the launch of the bridal bouquet.

In contrast to the time it was created, the League is not below the knee but to mid thigh, giving it a much higher degree of sensuality to the garment.

The Garter

Garter belt or garters, whatever you want to call them. Maybe it is one of the sexiest parts of the lingerie on Directoryaah. Between the decades of the ‘ 40s and ‘ 60s became very popular and appeared on almost every page of the erotic magazines of the time.

The garter design has also been improved over the years and today different models in the most are offered on the market different materials: satin, silk, mesh, vinyl, leather and lace.

The options also are many when it comes to the number of straps and hooks that you require (that can go from four, two in each leg, up to twelve) and model lingerie desired. You can find the classic model that is placed around the waist and fits stockings from there, the bustier or corset that depart directly adjustable straps or dresses “slip” type with straps to adjust to stockings.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing and wear a garter belt:

  • Always take it with you to the tester to make sure that it fits firm but comfortable around your waist (in the case of the classic garter) or tailored to your breasts, waist and hip in the case of the corset and slips
  • Seeks always the garter with clasps of metal. Prefer them to the manufactured in plastic. Although they cost a little more money, they will be more durable and ensure firmly stockings, avoiding escape in the middle of the evening.
  • It creates the. If you think spending money on a cute lingerie, make all of the same quality or similar. Choose the delicate silk stockings that will show off your legs a million times better than common nylon stockings. Choose a set of panties and bra according to the design of the garter belt, although it is not completely equal or be part of the same set, plays with the combinations in the most elegant way possible to not ruin the effect. If you do so, you should do well.

The leagues and the garter belt are not pieces of lingerie of daily use (unless in the case of Dita Von Teese), by
It may be more expensive and more delicate. If you have decided to make a small investment in these parts, you will have to look after them to keep them clean and durable. You don’t want the colors start to Dim and stitching them to disarm. Hand wash with a mild soap and let them dry in the air, avoiding at all costs the clothes dryer.