Galaxy S7 May Have Two Different Camera Sensor

It seems that the new generation of flagship Samsung, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, to assemble two different photo sensors. As had happened to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and Edge Plus 5 Notes/S6, the two vendors are Sony and Samsung.

So far there was talk exclusively to Sony, and also both of our device we used for reviews montano IMX260 sensor, but on the Internet are increasing reports and screenshots demonstrating the presence of a Samsung ISOCELL.

What’s the difference? At the moment we still don’t know, but probably very, very little. Last year, a direct comparison with the Galaxy series S6 revealed a slight difference in hue. This year, direct comparisons are not out yet. In any case, what intrigues me is the lack of communication by Samsung. As regards the different SoC there wasn’t any mystery, and one can hardly hope that a detail like this go unnoticed-not in 2016 and not seen earlier.

In all likelihood, the reason for this behavior is to be found in the production requirements. None of the two plants can produce a sufficient number of sensors to be an exclusive, so sharing the work among two producers.

As for the “fateful question”- who will receive what -at the moment there is no sufficient evidence to establish a pattern. The distribution does not seem to follow regional carrier, model rules or more. It is therefore likely that a matches -when there is a fitting one, when there is the other one mounts the other.

We don’t know exactly which model of Samsung sensor, but we’re willing to bet that this is the one presented just this morning . It is the only one that has characteristics comparable to that of Sony, and Samsung’s press release indicates that the sensor is actually already in the process of production.

In any case, to see which photo sensor you have installed on your device, the most recommended app is AIDA64is free. Install it, launch it and look for the entry Rear facing camera in the Devicessection. If the string starts with Camera ID SLSI your sensor is Samsung, if it starts with SONY, well, it seems pretty clear. Here is the download link:

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