Galaxy Gear Smartwatch 2

Presented at the IFA for the first time, the Galaxy Gear 2 was a real crowd puller. Visually and technically do this SmartWatch convince, the price of about 300 euros, compared to other Smart Watches is not necessarily a bargain. For this price, however, the customer receives a top extension to his smartphone. Who likes it a bit cheaper, for the holding Samsung also the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo (details here) for almost 200 euros available.

Contrasting can provide an optical eye to have either a simple but elegant black Galaxy Gear 2 or decide with the orange Smartwatch. Optically convincing both variants by sophisticated finish and clean lines. The best price for the Galaxy Gear 2 can be found currently in this shop at Amazon. Our impression for Galaxy Gear 2:

It must be said that Samsung has managed a significant improvement and a very good gadget to the first generation Galaxy Gear with the Galaxy Gear. 2 The first impression is a robust and high quality Featured materials Smartwatch that convinces with clear lines. Whom the black design is too simple, the Samsung offers the variant in orange. The bracelet can be quickly and easily create a clip. Here, the closure makes a safe impression and protects against loss. the clock If you look at the clock for the first time on the wrist, it can certainly compete on the size of the current XL watches. However, this does not interfere, but is useful for other functions.

Before the first start the watch should be loaded first. A full charge takes about 2-3 hours and is therefore quite fast. Is the windows smartwatch loaded, must from the Samsung App Store, the “Gear Manager”-App can be installed. This app is needed to connect the watch to your phone. This was feasible in the test without any problems and the equipment “understood” immediately.

The operation of the Galaxy Gear 2 is self-explanatory and does not require much trouble. As already on the phone you will find the most popular apps on the home page and can sort them by clicking and wiping. Much of the apps can be synchronized easily use the app on the phone.

Features at a glance:

  • MP3 Player-Who wants to listen to music on the offers the Galaxy Gear 2 is a good MP3 player. The sound is convincing and can compete with pure MP3 players. Maybe you would have to create the possibility of playlists.
  • Notifications-A significant improvement to its predecessor! In the app I attach quickly and easily fixed my notifications. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Co appear so directly on the SmartWatch
  • Camera-If you want to shoot with the SmartWatch move photos, which can do this in decent quality. On a pure camera SmartWatch although does not come close, but for the snapshot, it is sufficient. The watch snaps with 1920 × 1080 pixels.
  • Telephone-The quality of the telephone function can not complain and you can without any problems even at a certain distance calls.
  • Fitness-For many users, the most important reason to buy a watch. The features in this area have convinced me and is a very good extension. The watch has all current fitness functions on board. A pedometer, a heart beat sensor and the Activity Tracker also convince.

My conclusion is that the SmartWatch Galaxy Gear 2 is a definite improvement on the first version and one of the best smartwatches on the market. The PM makes sure that the phone often remains in the pocket and a lot of things to be done faster and more comfortable. So if you want to expand a SmartWatch itself, is good with the Galaxy Gear 2 in the race and finds this is currently at Amazonfor around 300 euros. The cheaper option Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, I present in a next article.