Functional Man Jewelry: Cuff Links

Also stylish cuff links belong to the perfect appearance of an elegant gentleman – in addition to a suit and matching shirt made of high-quality materials -. The forms are as varied as the materials: whether rectangular or round, stainless steel, aluminium, leather or metal.

Cuff Links Have a Long Tradition

The Cufflink has a long tradition. For the first time he appeared in the 17th century in appearance. At that time, cuff links, but were reserved for the more affluent strata. Around the year 1880, the American jeweler George Krementz had patented a machine for the production of cuff links. Today, the ornate and at the same time functional men’s accessories are worn mainly for festive occasions. At weddings, the groom’s outfit perfect cufflinks. But also for the business management consultants, lawyers or bankers look cuff links are almost indispensable

Cuff Links with Individual Engraving

Cuff links with individual engraving using a special accent. Here, for example, initials can be engraved. Also a laser engraving is possible besides a diamond engraving. A laser engraving is very durable and is burned directly into the material of the collar button. It is suitable for such as titanium or stainless steel. The design of today’s cufflinks is very diverse. About cuff links with integrated compass, indicating always the correct direction have funny character. Gemstone cufflinks are particularly exclusive.