Fruit Print New Trend of Summer

Fruit Prints-Summer 2013 Trend

Each season many trends are released and this, one of the big bets are the prints with inspiration in the fruit. Even when we used the pieces of cold, summer in Europe already dictated and anticipated the news to heat that would come by here.After newborn animals, polka dots, Plaid, floral and all others, now is the time to invest in prints that blend bananas, oranges, apples, cherries.

The prints of fruit have been bullish about a decade ago, where out of magazines to invade the popular trade. Now, the acceptance has not been popularized thus only renowned brands invested in unusual parts to almost. As a result, only people with purchasing power and unique taste turned out to include such pieces in their closets.

These prints appear as much on clothes as accessories. Are usually well colored and appear in neutral funds, white and black, to balance the looks. Is valid to invest into the mix of prints, which gives a man even more modern look, a good example is to use a black and white striped skirt with print shirt, fruit trees such as oranges or bananas.

The prints appear mainly in pieces like shirts, sweaters, dresses, skirts, blazers and swimwear, in bikinis and swimsuits. They also arise purses and wallets, as well as the stamping of the shoes.