Free Apps are Becoming More and More in the Future

Market researchers estimate that this year of the app users more than 100 billion apps for smartphones and tablets will be downloaded. It should be even more in the future.

For 2013, the market researchers expect more than 102 billion downloaded apps for smartphones and tablets. The trend is rising. In the next four years, the download apps on Smartphones and tablets is probably more than doubled, say market researchers, they assume for the year 2017 268.7 billion downloaded apps. Free apps are likely to be probably significantly more when downloading. According to the market researcher, the percentage of free applications will climb in the next four years from currently 91% to 94.7%. Upgrade will sales also paid apps, from 9.2 billion this year to about 14.8 billion apps in the year 2017. Sink should, however, the prices that pay users for their apps.

What will change probably also on the sale of the apps: in the future, the app developers will likely earn with in-app purchases her buns. This virtual article and additional functions are meant in an app that the user can buy in addition. According to estimates, their share in the total sales of 11 per cent last year to 48 percent will rise in four years.

Applications for the Google system Android and Apple’s are continue to comprise the bulk of downloads iOS. According to analysts, the two probably in the future will remain the most important platforms for smartphones and tablets. Google’s platform “Play Store” However probably in the long run must submit to other app stores market share. Currently, users download approximately 55 percent of their apps when “Play Store”, by the year 2017, this proportion should but decline to 47 percent. Smaller app stores in future get more of the pie, they must first resolve their security problems: often they are abused by criminal online gangs, that camouflage malicious software as a seemingly harmless applications with them. Google and Apple that works better: both test all applications before they sell them.