Forever Young: Ray-Ban-70th

With model Aviator beat Ray-Ban through with a bang in 1937. Thus 70 years ago. The company had launched the sunglasses already a year earlier under the name Anti-Glare, but after the immediate success decided to come up with a better name.

Ray-Ban are aimed at the then-revolutionary technology which protected the eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun. Aviator was the first model and it still manufactured and sold with great success. A true classic that is.

The name Aviator and the characteristic Teardrop shape came not really for that pilots would use them as they flew. At the time, pilots used namely goggles to protect the eyes when many of the airplanes still had open cockpits. An unwanted side-effect of these goggles was that but got an uneven Tan, about which one gets after a week on the slopes. Drop aviators form matches these goggles to cover the light areas around your eyes, when you were not in the air. Apparently it was Brown cream not invented.

Era’s true heroes are the pilots and by meeting their goggles-problems to get a perfect marketing channel and a simple way to a fruitful cooperation with the United States air force. During the second world war, you also helped along by the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific fleet, General MacArthur, often wore Ray-Ban drop Aviators, along with his military CAP and their majskolvspipa.

Ray-Ban Aviator is still popular among pilots. Now even during the flights, and they are called of course for just a shy down at Swedish. But they are of course appreciated even by us. Classic style and good function is never wrong. Thanks Ray-Ban and congratulations to the 70 years. Here are the pictures of others who love their drop Aviators. Great looking at both guys, girls and … dogs.