Fofurices Fashion!!!

Oiiiiiii personal, palpitinho today for those who love investing in the power of a laidback, cool and fashion, without leaving aside the feminine delicacy. It is with great pride that we present here athunch Luxury the new collection of MyGloss… We speak very proud because, for those who don’t know, MyGloss is a company of Mato Grosso do Sul, established in 2010 by Rodrigo Stocco and Katia Stocco. The MyGloss started on the internet sharing tips and fashion trends, and was one of the pioneers in using Facebook as a channel of communication with its readers. Success is so great that today the MyGloss have the largest Fan Page of Brazil…. uauuuuuu… are more than 820,000 fans!!!

After the success in the online world, the brand launched in your 2011 franchise project that sells handbags, jewelry and accessories in General that translate the main international fashion trends, reported by Where was created the first store? Of course, in Campo Grande. Not tired of talking about that we super value the best in our State, and that’s why we made a point to bring to you the news that just arrived in MyGloss, after all, is a daughter company of MS that is conquering the whole Brazil. We check the launch for summer 2013: the collection is beautiful, super colorful and filled with trends: candy colors, neon, skulls, spikes, anyway… a plethora of fofurices fashion!