Flaccid Belly After Childbirth: What to Do to Improve

Pregnancy is a phase of a woman’s life that involves belly growth. It is thus normal that after delivery, with the belly gradually returning to its initial size, that the muscles of the abdominal area have some difficulty in returning to the initial position, leaving the belly with a flaccid appearance.

Flaccid Belly After Childbirth: What to Do to Improve

But despite being a problem of difficult resolution, it is possible to improve. So, the question posed by many women “Flabby belly after childbirth, what to do to improve?”, We leave here several tips that may be the solution you are looking for. Check out.

Flabby belly after childbirth

First of all, it is important to realize that if you want to avoid sagging in the belly as much as possible, work should begin before and not after delivery.

So to help prevent this problem you should have a balanced and healthy diet, hydrate yourself properly, and also perform physical activity to help control weight and keep muscles toned. Exercises such as water aerobics, pilates or walking, for example.

However, if such care is to be taken to help prevent or at least reduce the degree, flaccidity in pregnancy is common and difficult to prevent altogether.

After all, during pregnancy the weight increases, especially in places like the breasts and the belly. By following the preventative care mentioned above, even if you can not avoid it, it will make postpartum recovery much faster. Here’s what to do to improve flaccid belly after childbirth.

What to do to improve flaccid belly after childbirth

In addition to before and postpartum care, such as healthy food, adequate hydration and physical activity, there are also some exercises that can be very useful in combating sagging belly.

Exercise 1: Lie flat on the floor with your legs bent and your knees bent. Place your hands crossed on your belly, and inhale deeply as you try to pull your chin against your chest.

Exercise 2: Lie on your stomach with your knees bent and your arms extended to the side of your body on the floor. Then lift your hips, keeping your feet and arms flat on the floor. Hold on until you get into that position.

Exercise 3: Stand on the side in the 4-way position next to a mirror. This should serve to check profile if you have a straight back.

You should do this three times a week.