Fishing Practice: Is The Gills Grip Recommended?

AngelWoche reader Wolfgang Scherfl was attempting to land a Pike with the handle of the gills to the disaster: Pike away and fingers bloody. Therefore, he wanted to know whether the Gill grip at all has advantages.

A question of technology

In principle: The gills grip is a very friendly country method for Pike – if you dominated him: namely try in a way Kiemen bag to put the finger, which be dentulous right next to the gills is located. Sounds simple and is also easy, but only if you practice. Who dominates the handle do not like in the bedroom, can access easily once next to it.


The Pike is in the grip of the gills. This method of land must be but behrrscht, other fish and anglers take damage

And then there are immediate problems – or better said – bloody finger. Because no matter the whole thing is if you stuck bloody on larger or smaller gills teeth, then definitely! For inexperienced anglers, the handle will be the real test of courage.

If the handle succeeds, he’s alright: the fish can be kept well and obediently opens his mouth, so that you can easily solve the bait. When he starts to beat but, you can relatively easily from rutesch. Therefore, it must be accessed really tightly and never loose to allow!

Who wants to get the handle of the gills, should practice never living Pike, rather than dead. You can look closely at the tooth-free bag of gills and try out how you best meet them. Only in this way can be accessed safely in the case.

Some anglers use a bite-fixed country glove for safety, according to commit4fitness.