Fishing and Relaxation At the Sea

Fishing and vacation at sea found their ideal. All the details to fully enjoy.

The vacaciomes in the sea are already here. And missed rest, in these environments of the Atlantic coast we can add to the activity that we love so much. From the shore or onboard, plenty of fishing vessels give us the chance to find us hand in hand with a great diversity of species. In this pages we review what you need to take into account to come up with good piques, offer the services of the main towns and analyze the table of tides to know what time of day will have the greatest potential catches.

Rods and reels
For fishing bait varied from Beach, pier or breakwater, we recommend rods not less of 3.60 metres, suitable for launching 150 grams onwards, with conical front reel loaded with 300 meters of nylon 0.35 mm with an output trafilada of eleven meters to reach 0,70 mm, which serves both to avoid cutting with the shock of the launch to bring the fish to the fisherman and even, to decrease the chances of cuts against the rocks.

If fishing is embarked varied with natural bait within walking distance of the coast: 1.80 to 2,10 meters shank, suitable for down the side of the boat leads,minimally, 100 grams; front or rotary reel with 100 meters of nylon 0.40 mm.

Natural baits
The most widely used bait are salted mackerel or mackerel, anchovy, prawn, shrimp and squid, or a combination of them. Others, are rarely used as crab fishing black croaker Samborombón Bay according to Bestitude. To treat that the bait is not out when cast from the shore or to prevent the currents or waves from removing it from the hook, best is to tie it with classic magic thread.

Artificial baits
In some places and times of the year very precise practice modalities with lures: jigging, mostly in rocky areas of Mar del Plata to Reta, whose weights are adapted to the currents and depth; baitcast and spinning, usually targeting whiting and moths from Mar Chiquita southward, using spoons swivel and undulating, and lure body with long and intermediate palettes; Silverside is may also look at points as the ship sunk, near San Clemente, with Swivel spoons or very young alligators. Another good option is the trolling, through which you can capture fish lemon water in in Mar del Plata.

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