First Update of Remix Available OS and Promise of a 32-Bit Version

Remix OS developers have been busy lately. If a few days ago they put end to the controversy on the non-compliance or not licenses for any of the components of the operating system, today again to jump to the holders after publishing the first update Remix OS, version 2.0.1.

As you probably already know, Remix OS is a version of Android to PC with some modifications to make its use easier in a PC with keyboard and mouse. Some of these changes include a taskbar, a basic start menu and resizable windows.

Update 2.0.1 Remix OS not included too spectacular news. The most relevant is that the battery level indicator It is available in laptops, as well as including more than necessary bug fixes, especially at an Alpha stage.

Also in 32-bit

You can already Download Remix OS 2.0.1 from the official website of the project. The exact version number is 2016012301. For now There is an easy-to-update mode Remix OS from the operating system itself, so you must follow the same installation instructions, but unformatted USB drive, or you will lose your current installation data.

Jide has taken that same post in its little corner of XDA forums to announce also that Remix OS will be available for download in version of 32-bit soon. Until now only available in 64-bit, and according to Jide received many requests so that also launched its version of 32-bit operating system.