Firmware Updates for the Stuff

Firmware 2.2 and software version 8.0.2.
This morning of German time (ie midnight PST ), Apple has released a long-awaited firmware update for the iPhone and a firmware update for the iPod Touch, as well as a small version change for iTunes via Computerannals. After we have the best as always to close, we will go up to the smallest update. ITunes 8.0.2: The new version can be obtained via the software update .For me as a Windows user is also updated “Bonjour for Windows”, “Safari” and “Quicktime”, as a new software comes a “MobileMe control panel” (nearly 70 MB). As usual, according to Apple, the almost 61 MB update improves the stability and performance of iTunes and includes important bug fixes. As always, Apple is silent-but after it is only a mini-update, the differences are not so great.
IPhone Firmware 2.2
Via iTunes, the new firmware 2.2 can also be downloaded (just under 247 MB). If you like me in this firmware update is a “newbie”, Apple helps here with a very simple explanation, simply click the button “How it works”. The new version removes security gaps like this one , improvements to MobileMail, improved Mobile Safari stability and a minimal change in interface, as well as improvements in connection setup and disconnections. Here, too, there had been progress towards version 2.1 compared to version 2.0. The interesting updates in the firmware 2.2 are as follows:

Google Maps, there Streetview (of course only where Streetview is offered) pedestrian navigation, OEVPN connections and certainly still one or the other improvement, which one does not see directly. In the Streetview, it is unfortunately not that you have a compass as with Google G1-ie, the position sensor and GPS recognize where you hold the G1 and the corresponding Streetview is displayed. See the following video:

he spelling correction can finally be switched off or provides better suggestions when switched on. A copy & paste is still missing.

The Homebutton now leads directly from any other Homescreen to the first Homescreen – very handy when you have loaded some apps more and then back to the first Homescreen.

Podcasts can also be finally loaded “over the air” in the iTunes app-here no more annoying connection with the native iTunes is required.

A complete overview of everything has been changed here at Apple.

IPod Touch Firmware 2.2:
Also again via iTunes, the firmware (nearly 247 MB) can be updated, here, of course, at least version 2.0 is mandatory, if the version is less than 2.0, you have to pay 7.99 euros. The firmware of the iPhone and iPod Touch are almost identical, as is the loading of the podcasts via the iTunes app, but unfortunately only the iPhone users benefit from the extended map functionality – such as Streetview and pedestrian navigation. Since I am then somewhat disappointed by Apple, but must express the hope that it may be later in a firmware.

Conclusion: In
view of the new functionality of the iTunes App and the Google Maps (only for the iPhone), a real increase in the benefits can be seen, in addition to the security gaps that are closed. How the new firmware affects “jailbreaked” iPhones and iPods, I do not know (unfortunately), I assume that in the coming days in sufficient form on the Internet public. But also the users with the “old” firmware I can only advise the jump to the 2.x firmware-here every iPod and every iPhone wins much more fun and functionality-the 7.99 euro (with the iPod) are really the money value.