Ferracini 12:00 Am Resets the Sportswear with the Masseratti Line

The sports trend is here to stay. In addition to providing comfort, the reference is quite versatile and practical. Do you realize the amount of people using models with sporty touch? Is a fever, since international greats of music and cinema began to adopt these pieces in unusual productions, such as the formal suit with sneakers. Or shirt and slacks with basic bomber jacket. Despite being more stripped and casual, the merging of styles formed a very nice mix that conquered the streets. Is the sport outside the gym!

Masseratti: the cool of sports Ferracini 12:00 am

The Ferracini 12:00 am, connected with this new need for consumption of men, who seek for a visual off duty for the day to day, that is very comfortable, has created the Masseratti line. The brand comes with shoes with inspiration in the sportswear, powerful to highlight male productions.

The sports reference appears in the design and details of the products that enrich the looks with a lot of attitude and reference sets. As the models with elastic on the side, including easywear (slip-on), inspired by the footwear of athletes. It is ideal for the daily life of those who need a stylish outfit and, at the same time, effortlessly. The leather leather gives even more style and sophistication.


Ferracini 12:00 am shoes are minimalists, i.e. with more clean design, but with individual cutouts that give a contemporary twist very subtle, for men who prefer more discrete compositions. Versatile colors, such as white, black and dark blue are very easy to combine and help assemble cool productions without too many complications.

Casual shoes are the ideal companion for casual looks, like a walk in the Park, a Sunday lunch with the family, the happy hour with friends or a dinner with his girlfriend. How about betting on events more relaxed, like a more casual party with coworkers? Stay cool!

Already the models with the shortest barrel blend well with Bermuda and chino pants (light fabric), of any tone. For being a sophisticated model, you can incorporate the day labor day, if the company does not require a costume more sober. Just coordinate footwear with a basic shirt and a blazer, which the Masseratti line shoes Ferracini 12:00 am will form the perfect combo! The sneakers with the longest barrel are more stripped, so the trick is to use with fairer and structured jeans to show more to play.

Details that make all the difference

Now that you know how to use your Masseratti shoes of Ferracini 12:00 am, meet the characteristics that bring together design with technology for a comfortable and full of information. Leather leather is modern and has cut and overlays that give a new face to the traditional sports. The models are lined with fabric, have sole bicolor in TR with DRY valve technology (breathe) and custom insole.

Are small details that make a difference to male well-being in time to get dressed. The absolute softness of footwear ensures the convenience that men need to face crowded agenda, but without losing the style.