Feminine Floral Dresses from Giovanna Lancellotti

Check out beautiful feminine floral dresses 6 of Giovanna Lancellotti and get inspired!

Are you looking for a feminine dress and comfortable? This post will help you, why today I bring to you some beautiful feminine floral dresses, starting by Giovanna dress Lancellotti shown below. Check out!

Giovanna Lancellotti is a young brazilian actress full of style. With looks romantic and boho chic, she always rocks. In the image below, Giovanna Lancellotti chose a Black floral dress, which highlights the beautiful traditional colored flowers.

In addition, this dress has a delicate modeling, combining with the pattern. The main details of the modeling are the spaghetti straps, neckline heart and slightly evasê. Is this last element that makes the love handles are not marked, besides leaving the look comfortable.

Womens Dresses Floral Tips!

The feminine floral dresses are typically used in summer, but there are options for winter.Some TIPS will help you to choose:

  • The bright floral dresses are ideal for summer, already dark ones can be used during the whole year;
  • The floral dresses allow the combination with various kinds of shoes, such as: boots, heels and even sneakers;
  • Looks trained for this type of dress print informality.

Check out some beautiful feminine floral dresses and hit the look!

Womens Dresses Floral Options

  • #1 Feminine Floral Dresses

Among the female floral dresses shown in this post, this is the most modern dress. This is due to the combination of modeling with ruffles in the skirt (super trendy) and transparencies in your lap, another current detail. So, this floral dress is ideal for ballads.

It is worth noting that complementing the modern elements, there is a beautiful floral print aquarelada, that never go out of fashion.

  • #2 Feminine Floral Dresses

If you are looking for a fluffy dress charming, feminine floral dresses, like this one, are best suited. Note that the modeling is straight and does not mark or the bends and the chubbiness, ideal for summer.

However, the fundamental details of the dress are the traditional print and the transparent tissue on hemlines, giving more delicacy still to look.

  • #3 Feminine Floral Dresses

How about a versatile dress? Feminine floral dresses, like the one shown above, have this trait, that why your print is discreet, with flowers that don’t call a lot of attention, and the modeling does not show much the body, highlighting only the legs.

  • #4 Feminine Floral Dresses

Feminine floral dresses, like this one, are dressed with mix of prints, not just floral print.Note that there are print animal print, abstract and floral dress. That gives modernity to look, which combines with the straight modeling with marked shoulders, something modern and ideal for ballads.

  • #5 Feminine Floral Dresses

Unlike the previous, this floral women’s dresses long sleeve dress features a floral print very discreet on a black background, making this dress ideal for the winter.

Thus, floral prints more appropriate modeling and discrete to the station can be used inwinter.