Female Pants Saruel

Exotic, the sarouel pants-or also called sarouel-have the hook down, is adjusted at the waist and gets more legs tapered from the knee. But it’s not a rule, there are saruéis pants in various styles, colors, fabrics and modeling. Wide–with the legs straight and wide-modeling, skinny, jeans, in more social model, chess, and many others.

Super comfortable and practical, to fall to the taste of women, she was, at first, more used to attend classes at the gym or doing time as output. Fashion from the other side of the planet, the saruéis were primarily used by the ethnic peoples of North Africa 9 Morocco), and were very well adopted by Arab peoples. Where are the origin of the word, despite being “hammer”, a term of French vocabulary.

Irreverent by nature, combines sarouel pants-and definitely don’t leave–women’s productions more stylish and bold, devotees of different parts and bold. Extremist and personality, this is an outfit “8 or 80. Where will always have those who love you and do not trade for anything, such as hate, think weird encounter with that pile of fabric between the legs, and at any price would put one of them.

The also known as “pants skirt” or “odalisques” style pants, was slow to enter the closet of brasileiras-accustomed to skinny-justésimas, however, she was able to finally conquer your place in the Sun in tropical fashion and doesn’t seem to have time to get out of the picture.

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