Fashion:the Famous Midi Skirts

Do you like fashion? So jot this down one of the main trends of spring/summer 2016:midi skirt.

Fashion the Famous Midi Skirts

Everybody knows she is not news, but last year she appeared discreet, some loved and hated others. This year it comes with full force! As always, two super inspirations for you, by Shops Dullius.

The first look is a midi black room with Ruffles on the bar, elegantérrima. The blouse is with out shoulder modeling, all embroidered in front and at the back. Feet wore a black shoe with varnish, another strong trend that promises to be for more seasons.

The second midi skirt look is with one of my favorite models, the evasê, why not mark anything in her hip. As the waist is high, used with a cropped, so it does not show the belly (I don’t like, but if you enjoy can put your skirt down) and is super stylish. The cropped leather nude, not to “fight” with the color of the skirt, which has a super colorful print.

Feet nude shoe to harmonize with the cropped.

Runs there in Stores Dullius. There are several scattered on RS or contact them on Facebook by clickingHERE.

I hope you enjoyed the looks and inspired to stay beautiful with the trends of the moment.