Fashionable Rain Boots

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Fashionable Rain Boots

Cold, wet, gray spring months turn off some people. Not me. Dress accordingly and they can be as pleasant as a soft summer evening. All you need is an umbrella, a good pair of rain boots, and I grant you, maybe also a good cup of coffee to chase away the cold.

Rain boots are becoming quickly the fashionable accessory, and it falls well for us because Altitude Sports has a huge selection. Let’s take a peek.

Veierland 2 Graphic Helly Hansen rain boots

xtile lining.

Known for their quarter jackets and their base layers, it is 130 years that Helly Hansenmanufactures products for the wet weather. Their boots stand out due to their design, their pretty bow and their sole fastener.

RHS Hunter high rain boots

Stay in boots patterns shifted with high HHR, that are not likely to disappoint in this compartment. Born from the collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society (Royal Horticultural Society), this boot features historical floral designs that will seduce lovers of ornate design and/or libraries.

Aigle Miss Juliette Bootie

With its less traditional design, being much shorter than rain boots, Miss Juliette will receive the attention of the fashionistas of this world. The high heel, the small tab leather and its original form make it one of our best sellers. Handmade in France.

Vierzon Jersey Camel boots

Looking for quality above all? The camel boots are also the work of a master cobbler in France. The smell of baguette and cheese will invade you in the racks. I’m kidding. Their sturdiness and solid sole will keep you standing in the most dangerous conditions, whether in slippery and muddy ground. Made for people who swear by the quality and originality.

Get along, this list represents only the tip of the iceberg.