Fashion Footwear-Skate Shoes

Your Skate Shoes are the link between your feet and your skateboard. The best setup so bring you nothing if you can not rely one hundred percent on your shoes you. Since the birth of the skateboarding brands trying to establish ever new technologies: Vans (1966) was one of the first brands that enriched the market with innovations.

Sk8-High or Half-Cab are terms that are closely associated with skate shoes since the early 80s. The skate boom continued and today’s global players such as Globe (1984) Etnies (1986) or DC Shoes (1993), made a name with its ankle Skate Shoes.


Skate shoes by Vans, Adidas and Emerica

What distinguishes a skate shoe actually from a commercial sneaker?

Quite simply manipulate ‘want to give you with sandals on your skateboard and you’ll never again on your Skate Shoes!

They have a particularly fine sole, which mainly provides you a firm stand on the deck. Through an enlarged, flat standing surface the grip tape can only achieve its full effect. The fine profile ensures that the rough surface of the deck and the indentations perfectly dovetail in the sole – maximum grip is the logical consequence.

Chunky and bulky are negative descriptions for a shoe in the vernacular, but not so for a real pair of skate shoes! The reason for this is the special cushion that cushions the hardest landings themselves. The kickflip over eight steps takes you – or at least your feet – will no longer be embarrassed.

Fashion Footwear-Skate Shoes

Since there is no designated protectors for your feet, take Skate shoes this task and fulfill it perfectly! Are you afraid of impairments in terms of flexibility and freedom of movement, these worries are completely unfounded: Stable as a pair of work shoes, movable like a slipper – the skate shoe is the symbiosis for all skaters.

Somehow it sounds almost negligently: Again and again you pull your shoe on sandpaper and it is nor best by holding this for years. Something you’ve never done? And as you lead then an ollie, kickflip one or Impossible?

With a thin and light skate shoe you’ll soon discover why wear. Although the advantage might be tempting, that you feel the Concave of your deck with every trick even better. With reinforced ollie areas and more robust materials the manufacturers are trying to make their shoes more durable. With a compromise: You have to make compromises in board feel.


Skate shoes and street style

But if you do not just want to give up your old shoes, Shoe Goo is the solution for you! If the substance through countless Ollies already is punctured or your sole from braking is completely battered, helps the small Wonder tube. Whether for prevention or repair – apply a small amount of the paste with a spatula and your shoe is as good as new. The special PVC he remains even just as flexible as before!

Fashion Footwear-Skate Shoes

Harte Bails and unsuccessful landings are belonging to skateboarding. To ensure the security of your feet to further increase and enhance the driving experience, some brands have come up with something very special: deposits that you can use in any shoe!

The Impact of skating will be distributed on the whole foot, which minimizes the risk of ankle and foot injuries. Regardless size you can cut these insoles easy. Divided into three parts, the gel provides in the heel for cushioning on hard landings.

Whether you decide now so for the hardcore version of a skate shoe, or rather prefer the simple style with external insole, you are spoiled for choice! But always remember: You have only two feet without the skating would be impossible. So look at best once the great skate shoe assortment of Blue Tomato at – your feet’s sake!