Farewell To The Fears With The Lamps For Children

When decorating the rooms of the house, most parents confess to strive twice in the room that will occupy their children.

Farewell To The Fears With The Lamps For Children

This process involves the choice of colors, wardrobes for your clothes, shelves and shelves at your fingertips, to get to pick up your toys, and also lighting.

In a children’s room can not miss the lamps that allow to illuminate all or part of the room. But a separate chapter deserves the lights to avoid the night fears. And is that by all is known that some children do not like anything the absolute darkness at bedtime. Choosing a night light or lamp for children that keeps the room lit throughout the night is a good choice to ensure the deep sleep of the little ones.

At Eurekakids you can find very different styles of dimmed lights, from lamps that produce sound and lighting to illuminating puppets or lamps that project lights on the ceiling or on the walls. We discovered some!

Table Top Lights

These are probably the most practical designs. They are placed on the bedside table, on a shelf or in a dresser and illuminate the whole night. In our catalog there are night table lamps of various shapes, sizes and colors. Included, for example, are the shapes of nature, such as theTigex Ladybird Lamp or the nice and light snail-shaped companion light Snailight by Baby Miniland.

Some of these table lamps are offered alongside humidifiers. This is the case of the Ulux Ulonic humidifier with Duux ionizer. The Duux house has created this attractive light with mushroom shape, in addition to helping your children do not be afraid of the dark, incorporate an ionizer that keeps the room air clean of mites and an immediate vaporizer.

Portable Night Lamps

One option that parents and children like a lot are portable night lights. In addition to leaving them by the bed at night, the little ones can be taken to accompany them to the bathroom or, if they need to move around the house and it is still dark. Within this classification we find theNight Light and nomadic company. The Pabobo brand has launched this small and light little light that fits perfectly into the hands of children.

Just as if it were a lantern of those of before runs the Lantern and night lamp 3 in 1 kid sleep of Claessens Kids. A light 3-in-1 lamp because besides being a lamp, it can be used as a flashlight thanks to its ergonomic handle. It also has 4 lullabies. The perfect help for children to sleep through the night.

A similar idea is the night light and lantern go glow owl from Eurekakids. In addition to being a relaxing point of light, when the cone is lifted it becomes an ideal flashlight so that the little ones can be oriented during night.

Night Lamps with Projector

Few things make babies and toddlers more relaxed at bedtime than distracting themselves by looking at a spot of light. Projector lamps are an ideal tool for them as they create beautiful figures in a dim light that helps them to fall asleep. The vast majority of these night lamps also include piped music that accompanies the projection on the ceiling and walls: a perfect combination for small children to sleep quiet and relaxed all night. In Eurekakids you will find several models of this type of lamps like for example the Projector stars musical orProjector musical of stars turtle, both of the brand Pabobo or the Lamp Project light ofBabymoov.

Plush Lamps with Light

In the shape of hippos, bunnies, owls, giraffes… the animal world turns into all kinds of luminous lamps with the aim of moving away the fear of the children. The dolls and stuffed animals are soft and with a very nice touch so that the children embrace them strongly at night, while illuminating the room. Within this classification we find the Lumilove dolls light of Pabobo, that change of color when touching the cabecita of the animal. Also of Pabobo is the Bunny projector of stars. A soft plush doll that projects a sky of stars on the ceiling of the room.

And inside this collection of lamps for children we could not miss the classic light doll Gusy Moltó. This doll lights up when it is squeezed in the belly and has two faces: one awake and one asleep. It is an excellent company for the little ones when it comes to going to sleep.