Factors to Consider When Buying a Radio Control Car

In this chapter we are going to try to explain the most important factors to consider when it comes to consider the purchase of a radio control car. Some points, due to its wide extension have a brief description and a link to the article full explaining the differences or options on that particular point:
Firstly, it will be important to fix the budget that we spend, or get an idea of the economic range in which you want to move when you buy our car. This point can be marked directly that models cannot exclude, and which are those who can look more thoroughly, in order to choose the most necessary to us. In this case behealthybytomorrow will mark a few scales approximate initiation car:
30 €80: toy cars for children or very basic of Rc RTR from small scales to interiors.
90 €180: cars RTR initiation in scales 1/18, 1/16, and even 1/10 electric motors.
200 €400: initiation RTR with motors cars more powerful
More than €400: here we have a wide range to choose from, different scales models, more complete and practicing, more simple,… Even to competition models, with the downside that these models are usually sold disassembled, and parts (chassis, engine, electronic station,…) with what the budget depending on the scale can go above the €3,000.
As you can see, there is a wide variety of suitable options to suit all budgets, and as a Council, for someone who wants to start with r/c cars we recommend:
-If the toy is for one child less than 10 years: the first group (€ 80)
-If the toy is for a teen or an adult: start with the range of 90-€180, since here there are rc car that run fairly, which are mounted (simple to use), and are ideal for starters. If you want one with gasoline engine, is it could climb to environment of €300 to buy any car RTR initiation with guarantees.
It is also important to back in car maintenance expenditure, whenever we want to go to roll. In some models it is very small, and instead in others can be higher, so in addition to at the initial price of the model, will have to opt for one that better suits our requirements (in the type of fuel, if it is electrical if 1/18 scale, if it is scale 1/5,…) and above all depending on if you want to use to compete , or only want to take out it once in a while to hang out with friends,…
This point is important, and can tip the balance towards some kind of model. For example, if we are looking for a hobby to enjoy, and have enough time, we will be able to make bricos and improvements to our model, no us matter requiring more maintenance, since it is part of the hobby, disassemble some parts of the car, to be able to grease, clean, modify settings…
But if on the contrary we have very little time, the ideal is to opt for a model that is more simple as possible in terms of maintenance, that is to say, you can enjoy running with, but once finished walking, does not require time set-up to save it and reuse it the next day. Ideally, and as we enjoy and learn, is performing all maintenance, dismantling, mounting, making small bricos,… but often work, family or personal obligations of every person can do that this is not feasible.
In this last case opt for vehicles requiring the lowest possible maintenance.
It may seem unimportant, but now we see why have included it among the factors that we consider when making our choice.
If it is a place where usually make good time, or where it is usual that it rains enough: if it rains frequently, maybe we not are interested take a car of foreign, and to focus it more to one with which to shoot indoors, since cars with water do not get along very well, and it is not recommended to walk the rain at least when is rookie, because there is enough risk of damaging the car.
If there is a Rc circuit near our House (see if is of all-terrain or asphalt): in this way will have a concentration of fans point to Rc, to be able to turn to roll, ask for help, or simply to share the hobby. They usually tend to be managed by clubs and require a small monthly fee to enjoy facilities and/or careers. In general we recommend to buy the kind of car that has been in our area, since this way you will have people that go jogging, or being able to stay to go to roll with cars.
Similarly, it is also important if where we will go by car, is an area of asphalt, is land area, mount,… or if it is indoors. i.e., extension in which we are going to roll, and the type of land that we have. Depending on the response of each to these questions, will have to bow down to a rather large (from 1/10 outdoor), or rather small model (1/16 down) if it is for Interior, and version of track if we are going to shoot in very good asphalt, or version of all terrain or mixed (rally) if Conversely the firm isn’t good quality asphalt.

This is an important point, especially if we are thinking about a car for a child, and that many of the models need maintenance.
If it’s for children, better have almost zero maintenance. This cars meet this most basic r/c, since they do not have bearings, moving parts are quite protected for hits…
For basic models RTR, is more simple maintenance of electric cars, with the gasoline. on the issue of implementation to tend to have a few basic settings (cushions, falls…) which facilitates its set-up, and not waste excessive time in settings at the expense of some performance slightly lower.
To competition models: both the electric and gasoline demand a thorough maintenance in order to have the car ready for the next race. Also these competition models require more technical knowledge of tuning of the car to be able to extract the most out of it.
In CochesRc.com you can find guides, manuals and video tutorials almost any of these issues. You will have to just use the search box or the Advanced search found on the top right of the website.
Every time the publishers such as Planeta, Altaya,… They released collectibles radio control car. With a slogan like this:
“Construyete your own car at your own pace”
Where they prepare deliveries where va car everywhere so you’re mounting it little by little and include instructions and illustrations in full color, on the mount.
Well, the problem is that the final price of the collection will be clearly superior (and enough difference) with respect to buy the car at a store of Rc (physical or online), with the advantage that you can have the car well from the first day that you buy it, either from your time lets you finish removing it already that kits coming to mount , they bring installation instructions module similar to the guides of the collections, but with less text, but perfectly explained and drawn.
In addition to new in CochesRc.com mounting, commissioning, you have… with what won’t have any problem to fit your car, and will save a handful of euros.
Our recommendation at this point is that the collections are good for static miniatures, modelling,… but for radio control believe the best thing is to buy it in a store.
Now we will explain several alternatives that we will discuss the pros and cons of each related to these factors, in such a way to help us to be able to decide the correct option.