Facial Gymnastics Exercises Against a Double Chin

Here are some simple facial exercises explained step by step by the neck to prevent double chin and wrinkles.

Stress, dehydration, bad habits of life, the years go and maybe some extra pounds too are all factors that can accelerate aging of the face causing the wrinkles and the loss of elasticity of the skin.

If the facial skin is inelastic tends to become run down, especially in the areas of the neck and Chin where can occur the odious problem of double chin.

To remove wrinkles and expression lines and to try to keep the skin young and elastic is a good habit to practice regularly some facial exercises.

Here in particular we would like to suggest some simple exercises for facial gymnastics for the neck to prevent double chin. Practices them to every day for several minutes in front of the mirror and the results will not be long in coming!

  • Start with a vigorous massage on the neck:with the back of your hand gently slapped the neck part under your Chin for a few minutes to encourage circulation and increase blood flow. Now switch to the real facial gymnastics for neck: to prevent double chin Neck stretches back as much as you can and then take him back to the natural position. During exercise your mouth must remain closed and teeth tight. Each contraction of the package shall take several seconds; Repeat the exercise 10 times. Run then a facial gymnastics exercise comparable cocking his head to the side, however: 10 times 10 times left and right.
  • Now run some simple facial exercises with your mouth following Ehealthfacts. Keeping your head still, try to turn down the corners of his mouth keeping the contraction for a few seconds; Repeat 10 times. Now open your mouth as much as possible and always shut it again very slowly for about ten times. Finally, for at least thirty seconds, you make very large motions with the mouth pretending to chew a chewing gum and making sure to move all the facial muscles.
  • Switch to an exercise with her lips:try to take the lower lip above the upper lip, hold the contraction for a few seconds and then relax your muscles and repeat 10 times.
  • Finally a simple exercise of facial gymnastics to prevent double chin involving language. Push with your tongue on the gums of lower arch: in this way you will spread your neck muscles preventing the formation of double chin.