Facebook Will Put Commercial Equal to the TV in Your News Feed

The Facebook today announced a new ad format for both Web when for your mobile application that has everything to go wrong cause much controversy: advertisements on video. And with autplay, that is, they begin to move automatically.

Baptized Premium Video Ads, the name delivery who can buy video ads: companies with a lot of money, as there are rumors that they will cost between 1 and 2.5 million dollars a day serving. Each advertisement will have up to 15 seconds in length and, like the TV will move to a certain audience in short periods of time.

Before you panic thinking that Facebook will become a site with music, videos, to appear in the feed, will be muted. If you want to watch them even, just click to see with the audio. On page news announcement, there is a short one video that shows how it will work. Good thing, right? The question is how much of your data connection will be consumed to run the video while on the bus.

The format is in testing since December and commercial will be inserted gradually in feeds from around the world; in the coming months, everyone will have seen some.



2015Place: June 2008

2015Place: June 2008

Source: 2015place.blogspot.com