Facebook Search Stops Displaying Bing Results

This weekend, the Facebook confirmed that some users had been noticing in recent days: the mechanism search the social network failed to show Bing results. The decision, they acted in a very discreet way, represents the end of a partnership that lasted at least two years.

The integration of both services gave a “cooled” in early 2013, when Facebook launched Graph Search (Social Search) system research that crosses different types of data to help users find people with common interests, references local, groups, among others.

Still, you could also enter a term in the Facebook search field and click “more results” or equivalent. In doing so, the service opened a page showing results arising from Bing.

This mode of operation no longer exists. By sticking to a survey, Facebook will show people, sites, fan pages, groups and other information within the social network – by default, Bing showed external pages in the results.

The change coincides with a recent update (not yet implemented in all accounts) that left the Graph Search able to find old posts. Adding these factors, it appears that Facebook is taking advantage of its monstrous database to try to keep users longer on the social network.

It is a strategy with substantial chance of working. Is difficult to know the impact that the break with Bing cause at Microsoft. It is not known how much traffic was redirected to the search service, but given the amount of users that Facebook has, it is presumed that it was not an unimpressive volume.

Anyway, Bing remains the second most popular search engine in the United States – the market most importantly – with about 20% share.

Commenting on the issue, Microsoft adopted a conciliatory approach: “Facebook recently changed your search experience to focus on helping users find information shared within the social network, instead of prioritizing results on the web. We remain a partner of Facebook in other areas.”