Fabric Crafts

Very sought after, the handicrafts made in fabric, for some time, have made success among women. Especially the accessories made in fabric, which are high in fashion, especially in the summer. In addition to being eco-friendly and sustainable, because they are produced from recyclable materials – leftovers and scraps of cloth.

With this material, you can do a multitude of crafts, accessories and ultra modern décor pieces–necklaces, purses, dolls, rugs, desks, door phone, slippers, ornaments, etc. In addition to customizing, customizing with the use of fabrics, pieces that you already have at home, leaving them even more beautiful, better, unique. Textile handicrafts can be made using various techniques. The most famous are the works on patch and Gossip.

Patchwork means “work with retail”. Is a technique that combines fabrics with a multitude of various formats following franciscogardening.com. The patchwork is the upper or top of job complete work is padded, formed by the top more acrylic blanket and the background fabric, all stuck by a technique known as quilting or upholstery.

Already the Gossip rags, flaps are folded and sewn in the shape of a flower, which together by delicate points to each other, can create and shape the various parts, such as table runners, bedspreads, pillows, earrings, bracelets, hair Barrettes, tiaras, clothes and even headbands. Beyond just a hobby, you’re willing to take the job seriously, you can increase your income, and earn good money by selling them.I guarantee that customers won’t miss!