Eyelash Extension, the Perfect Eye Catcher

Eyelash extensions for a legendary eye-contact à la Jennifer Lopez: The diva’s look is sexy and lascivious – of course he is not. She swear by eyelash extensions.

Jennifer Lopez will even have used lash extensions made from mink for special occasions.
With an eyelash extension, extra long, perfectly curved eyelashes are fixed directly on the eyelashes by means of a special adhesive – there is no adhesive or reinforced eyelash wreath.After one to two weeks the first lashes fall out, every three weeks an eyelash lengthening should be done again.

Eyelid lengthening:Carefully maintain
Care should be taken when handling the extensions since the greases and oils contained in creams can dissolve the adhesive on the eyelash attachment. With an eyelash extension, you do not really need a mascara any more – those who would like to add extra touch to a special occasion with ink, should only show the tips. When removing make-up, however, there is a risk that a few eyelashes will fail.
The price for an eyelash lengthening depends on the amount of eyelashes that are used.From approx. 140 Euro is an eyelash extension possible, but it can be quite more.The filling up costs then about 30 to 80 euro.

Another, much cheaper option for special occasions are of course Fake Lashes, which are only applied for one day (eg Fake Lashes by MAC Cosmetics , approx. 11.50 Euro).
Eyelash extensions are available, for example, from Lash ‘it in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Munich. In Munich, Horst Kirchberger also offers the exclusive procedure.
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