Eyeko – “Cosmic Polish”

This is clearly Nail Polish day on my blog.

With so many paints, swatches, and the new blog, earlier still, the desire to make a complete painting came over me.

“Cosmic Polish” of Eyeko is one of my absolute favorite paints because the glitter is just incomparably great. He stands out not too bad, but with the perfect lighting, the effect is simply indescribably beautiful.

Small silver and rainbow colored Glitterpartikel in an opaque Black.

← On the photo links to super identify it in the bottle.
On nails for it (because it is of course also not quite so blatantly sparkling), therefore I have less still in the hope that you’d recognize more, but it not really easy…is made a few photos:

Depending on the light, you can see the glitter very good and less good. It is not easy to capture in photos. But the very first photo shows the glitter effect quite well. Where the nails are slightly out of focus, it can also detect it glistens brightly.

Applied I have the paint

  • 1 coat “Start To Finish” (OPI)
    • 2 coats “Cosmic Polish” (Eyeko)
    • 1 coat “RapiDry top coat” (OPI).

The texture was great to the apply 2 layers was also super opaque varnish (if the second layer is just a bit more Polish, it’s still better) and he is also very quickly dried, I needed probably not even “RapiDry”, but a quick dryer is at night much more useful (we want to get over night no dings in the paint) and at Glitterlack he is smoothing , because the surface through the glitter particles is slightly rough, which could quickly lead to chipping. Also a little extra shine won’t hurt anyway.

I hope you like the paint as good as me!