Experience Report: How Good Is the Nomos Ahoy Date Edition

Limited edition as chronometer with swing system.

The Nomos ahoy date as with chronometer certificate and with the inhibition module “Swing system” there are only 50 times and only in the Watchtime.net shop. So far, so exclusive. This also means that you can not even go to the jeweller and watch the watch or try it if you are interested in it. That is why we have made a survey among the buyers.

Here is the experience report of Udo Biermann from Emden: “With its simplicity and unobtrusive elegance, the watch is a real eye-catcher. I swapped the textile tape against the shell Cordovan leather band from Nomos in dark brown This is of course a taste thing. But the watch from Timedictionary wears very well with both the textile band and the leather strap. If I don’t wear them, she’ll be on the watch winder. The accuracy of the gears is very good, it loses about ten seconds per week. Since the floor is in glass and the rotor is broken, you can also enjoy the beautifully crafted and ornate work. I am happy every day about this ahoy date and would buy it again at any time. ” The Nomos Ahoy Date edition Watchtime.net works with the automatic plant zeta and costs 3,450 euro in the 40 mm stainless steel housing. Gb

All information about the Nomos Ahoy Date edition Watchtime.net can be found here.

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